DynDevice Sitemap

DynDevice LMS eLearning Platform for business training
    DynDevice LMS
    eLearning platform to manage all company training
        Courses management
        eLearning platform for company training
            Advanced user import
            eLearning platform with advanced user import from CSV
            Management of enrolment in courses
            eLearning platform with advanced course enrolment management
            Creation and emission of certificates
            eLearning platform with course certificates customization
            Management of training plans
            eLearning platform with funded training management
            Archive of documents
            eLearning platform with training archive management
            Deadline management for mandatory courses
            eLearning platform with management of courses deadlines
            Managing automatic notifications
            eLearning platform with automated management of email notifications
            Automatic test correction
            eLearning platform with automatic test correction
        Courses delivery
        eLearning platform for deliver online courses
            Multi-channel use
            eLearning platform with multi-channel and multidevice use
            E-Learning community
            eLearning platform with user community management
            eLearning platform with gamification functions
            Detailed statistics
            eLearning platform with detailed statistics system
            Integration via API
            eLearning platform with integration via API
            Scorm™ and xAPI Player
            eLearning platform with SCORM™ and xAPI (Tin Can) support
            Workplace safety regulations
            LMS compliant with requirements Accordo Stato-Regioni
            Course catalog
            LMS platform with Mega Italia Media online courses catalogue
            Delivery of CME courses
            eLearning platform for CME training
            Support to trainees
            Support to trainees through process tutors, content tutors and chatbots
    Customized eLearning platform to manage human resources
        Courses creation
        Create and deliver SCORM™ eLearning courses for your company
            Scorm™ course editor
            eLearning platform with editor SCORM™ e authoring tools
            Auto-transcription of video / audio
            eLearning platform with video and audio auto transcription
            Exporting in Scorm™
            LMS platform with learning object export in SCORM™
            Navigation sequencing
            eLearning platform with navigation sequence in courses
            External material imports
            eLearning platform with import of external material
            Learning objects with AR-VR
            Create educational objects enriched with augmented or virtual reality
            The DynDevice CourStore™
            eLearning platform with CourStore™ online course shop
            Video-call exams
            eLearning platform with video call exams
            Web conference
            eLearning platform with virtual classrooms in webconference
            Mega Meet Live
            Managing training via videoconference with Mega Meet Live
            eLearning platform with full webinar management
            Classroom and blended courses
            eLearning platform with full course management
            eLearning platform to create microlearning content
            Video editor
            eLearning platform with video editor
        HR management
        Manage human resources with DynDevice HR extension
            Staff personal data
            eLearning platform with complete master data management
            Management of enrolments
            eLearning platform with advanced enrollment management
            Management of medical visits
            eLearning platform with medical examination management
            Profiles mapping and skills management
            eLearning platform with task, skill and GAP management
            Management assessment tool
            Application designed to manage the process of evaluation of the internal resources of the organization according to a development-oriented logic
            Risk types and mandatory tasks
            eLearning platform with mandatory task management
            Project management
            eLearning platform with Project Management
            Company discussions
            eLearning platform with Progress and company discussions
            Attendance management
            eLearning platform with complete presence management
            Advanced download areas
            eLearning platform with advanced download areas
            eLearning platform with PayRoll - digital payroll
            Refund of expenses
            eLearning platform with expense reimbursement management
            Resource booking
            eLearning platform with shared resource reservation
            Complete management of the reception
            Organize remote meetings
            Organize remote meetings and conference calls
            Complete list of features
            eLearning platform list of HR features
        Platform customization
        Customize the eLearning platform with additional features
            E-Commerce of courses
            eLearning platform with ecommerce for course sales
            Site management features
            eLearning platform with Content Management System
                Page management
                eLearning platform with page creation and management
                eLearning platform with dynamic data table management
                Website preview and editing
                eLearning platform with Preview of changes
                Advanced publication
                eLearning platform with publishing and page caching
                Mobile-friendly websites
                eLearning platform with mobile specific version
                Web editor for images
                eLearning platform with web image editor
                Management of restricted areas
                eLearning platform with reserved sections
                Task manager
                eLearning platform with task manager in PHP
                Facebook connector
                eLearning platform to publish on Facebook™.
                File manager
                eLearning platform with advanced file manager
                SEO utilities
                eLearning platform with SEO utility for indexing
                User management
                eLearning platform with content publisher management
                Template editor
                eLearning platform with page template management
            Basic modules
            eLearning platform with basic modules always included
                eLearning platform with reserved area login management
                Rich text
                eLearning platform with Rich text to insert text
                eLearning platform with always updated sitemap
                Tree-like menu
                eLearning platform with tree menu display
            Advanced modules
            eLearning platform with advanced customization modules
                eLearning platform with assistance and ticket management
                eLearning platform with advanced banner display
                Possibility of booking products (tree rooms, rent cars, etc.)
                Calendar and events
                eLearning platform with event calendar display
                Users' chat
                eLearning platform with chat with visitors
                Support chat
                eLearning platform with chat for visitor assistance
                eLearning platform with visitor comments collection
                Cookie notification
                eLearning platform with Cookie GDPR
                eLearning platform with display and sale of courses
                DataDyn Viewer
                eLearning platform with table data visualization
                eLearning platform with form creation for data collection
                eLearning platform with advanced dynamic maps
                eLearning platform with user discussion area
                eLearning platform with advanced eCommerce module
                    Shopping cart
                    eLearning platform with cart display
                    Discount coupons
                    eLearning platform with management of discount coupons
                    E-Commerce menu
                    eLearning platform with product category menus
                    Related products
                    eLearning platform with display of related products
                    Showcased products
                    eLearning platform with featured product showcase
                eLearning platform with management of an online magazine
                Newsletter (DEM)
                eLearning platform with newsletter for DEM campaigns
                eLearning platform with categorized news publication
                Photo gallery
                eLearning platform with photo gallery by categories
                PHP Eval
                eLearning platform with PHP-Eval to insert PHP code
                Search engine
                eLearning platform with internal search module
                Share on YSN
                eLearning platform with direct social publishing
                SMS sender
                eLearning platform with massive or single SMS sending
                eLearning platform to sell and manage subscriptions
    DynDevice LMS eLearning Platform: What you can do with the platform
        Create courses in videoconferencing
        Organize courses in videoconferencing with DynDevice LMS
        Create microlearning courses
        Create and spread mini-courses and training pills
        Provide safety courses
        DynDevice: provide safety online courses
        Provide CME and CNI online courses
        DynDevice: create CME and CNI online courses
        Manage profiles and skills
        Manage skills and monitor staff competences with DynDevice LMS
        Manage company projects
        DynDevice tools for Project Management
        Integrating DynDevice
        Integrating LMS with other business software
        Train employees, customers and partners
        Train employees, customers and partners with DynDevice LMS
        Manage funded training
        Elearning platform to manage funded training
        Selling online courses
        Selling online courses with DynDevice LMS
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        Link page ID#435
        Create professional online courses
        Create professional online courses
    Features and prices of DynDevice LMS eLearning platform
    News and information from eLearning and DynDevice LMS
    About us
    DynDevice LMS is a technological service of Mega Italia Media
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        Request information about DynDevice LMS eLearning platform
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