Workplace safety regulations

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform is suitable for the creation and delivery of eLearning training courses on health and safety in the workplace for Workers, Supervisors, Managers, Employers and Corporate Prevention and Protection Service Managers (RSPP) in accordance with the requirements defined in the State-Regions Agreement of 7 July 2016.

More specifically ...

DynDevice LMS guarantees the requirements defined in the Agreement of 7 July 2016 as it is able to monitor and certify:

  • the performance and completion of the educational activities of each user;
  • the active participation of the learner;
  • the traceability of each activity carried out during the connection to the system and its duration;
  • the traceability of the use also of the individual learning units structured in Learning Objects (LO);
  • the regularity and progressiveness of use of the system by the user;
  • the modalities and the passing of intermediate and final learning evaluations that can also be carried out in e-Learning mode;

In addition DynDevice LMS allows, in accordance with the Agreement of 7 July 2016, to:

  • create and deliver training content in accordance with the SCORM™ standard in order to ensure the tracking of the use of learning objects (Learning Objects - LO) in the platform used;
  • use technical solutions for user profiling in compliance with the regulations on the processing of personal data.

The "verbal" object is available

For some types of eLearning courses there may be an exam in attendance. DynDevice LMS allows you to use the "verbal" tool which, inserted in a specific point of the online course - stops the student's progress and automatically generates a verbal that is sent via email in PDF format to the pre-selected examiner.

The examiner, or whoever for him/her, will have to proceed with the exam in the presence of the student. At the end of this exam, the examiner will upload the countersigned report to DynDevice LMS unlocking the possibility for the student to continue (or conclude) the online course.

The minutes generated by DynDevice LMS are in accordance with the State-Regions agreement and contain all the necessary and/or expected information: they can be modified and integrated as desired (as well as being different depending on the course).

There are global chats and chats available for each course

In DynDevice LMS you can activate chat environments ("School atrium" where all students meet together and "Classroom" where only students of a specific course are present) that allow a greater dialogue with students and between students. The chats are monitored daily during office hours by a Tutor at the complete disposal of the students for the management of the training course and support to the learners.

There are specific fields for the courses

To meet the State-Regions Agreement three fields are available to the courses: Profile, Sector and Macro-category. These three fields can be used in the minutes and certificates using the appropriate variables.

Available Mentors and/or Content Tutors

Responding to the requirements of the State-Regions Agreement, each course is attributable to Content Mentor/Tutor who can connect to the platform and provide chat support to its users, allowing learners to interact with them or with each other.

If you want to read the full text of the regulations governing training on safety and health in the workplace and the related State-Regions agreements, see the dedicated page on PuntoSicuro.

DynDevice LMS is the eLearning platform 100% compliant with the State-Regions Agreements for training on health and safety in the workplace for workers, supervisors, managers, employers and managers of the Corporate Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP).