Provide CME and CNI online courses

The specific functionalities in DynDevice LMS allow the creation of online courses fully compliant with CME (Continuing Medical Education) and CNI (National Council of Engineers) accreditation requirements.

What is CME?

formazione continua medicina

The CME (Continuing Medical Education) is a national program of training activities in the health field, active in Italy since 2002 and compulsory for all health professionals.

The aim of the CME is to ensure that health care professionals carry out continuous theoretical and practical updating.

In order to comply with the CME standards, online courses must meet specific technical requirements and be provided through a distance learning platform that meets the standards provided by the National Accreditation Manual for the delivery of CME events.

What is CNI?

formazione ingegneria cni

The National Council of Engineers (CNI) is the body that institutionally represents at national level the relevant interests of the professional category of engineers.

As far as training is concerned, the CNI provides that, in order to exercise the profession of engineer, the member of the Register must be in possession of a minimum number of C.F.P. (Professional Training Credits) that can be achieved through participation in continuous professional updating activities recognized by the National Council.

Creating CME and CNI online courses with DynDevice LMS

Normally, ECM and CNI training must be provided according to specific characreristics that guarantee a high didactic rigour and a stricter control of the users' use of the courses. 

In this perspective, the DynDevice LMS eLearning platform provides:

  • access profiling;
  • traceability of the route taken by the learner;
  • learning verification;
  • SCORM™ compliance;
  • certification of completion of teaching activities and active participation in the course;
  • traceability of every action carried out by the user during the connection to the system.


Moreover, a series of specific functionalities allows accredited providers to create online courses in an easy and intuitive way that meet the requirements for the release of ECM and CNI training credits.

Test with double randomisation 

With DynDevice LMS you can create questionnaires and evaluation tests with double randomisation of questions. In this way, with each attempt made by the user, the tests will have a random but systemic variation, both of the questions and of the sequence of possible answers, as provided both by the ECM accreditation requirements and by the CNI Guidelines (Testo Unico 2018).

Training modules repetition

The DynDevice LMS "Delete LO in case of failed test" option allows you to force users to fully repeat the content just before the test if it is not passed a certain number of times (five in the case of ECM training, three in the case of CNI training).

Verify the active participation of the learner

Finally, in order to make the control of the users' use of the course more stringent, DynDevice LMS provides a system to verify the continuous and effective participation of the learner in the use of the course.

Through the option "Enable quiz for user presence control" it is possible to submit a series of questions at random intervals to the learner during the use of the course. As provided by the Guidelines of the CNI, if users don't answer or select a wrong answer, they will be have to resume the video from the beginning.