With the "Banner" module you can create and display real advertising campaigns on your website by adding banner in image format, Flash™ objects or HTML code (e.g. to recall Google Adsense™).

Campaigns can consist of a single banner or multiple banners and spaces of different sizes. You can manage any kind of standard-sized or personalized banner, so they can be tailor-made for your specific needs (in terms of advertisement or simply graphic style).

For each banner uploaded on to the module and shown on your pages, you can set:

  • time frame of validity (from / to) to decide when to stop showing it
  • maximum number of views before it stops appearing
  • maximum number of clicks before it stops appearing
  • the formatted text which is shown as an alternative to Flash™, where applicable

In addition, you will be able to check each banner's performance and stats, and export several reports in various formats.


Websites using this module

A large number of websites use the "Banner" module to display advertising campaigns, complex ones in certain cases.