The "Magazine" module enables you to turn your LMS-powered website (or one of its sections) into a real online magazine, with the option of a paid section is used in conjunction with the "Subscription" module. You can manage any number of issues and any number of articles within every issue: in addition to text, you will be able to insert images, videos, downloadable documents, etc. (the articles' text is redacted with the visual editor).

The image above shows how the module is managed; in particular, you can see the issue list window,, the window for editing an issue and the window for editing an article. It is also possible to sync your online magazine with a newsletter, so that an email (with a summary of the latest issue's contents) is automatically sent to all subscribers as soon as a new issue of your magazine is published on the website.


Websites using this module

The "Magazine" module is currently used by this content management system-powered website (solution "5. e-Commerce and website").