Cookie notification

The "Cookie Notification" module enables you to set a cookie policy and display it on your website according to the European regulations of the GDPR.

The module, once installed, already contains within it a generic cookie policy, valid for any site, the types and cookies present on all sites created with the content management system. You can then take advantage of the predefined text contained in the form on a specific page of the site, or change the content of the page according to your needs; the page in question will also give the user the possibility to modify their consent.

Inside the form you can create the various types of cookies on the site, customize cookies (adding, modifying and deleting them).

The banner that is displayed collects and stores user's acceptances (without collecting personal information) in a history that can always be consulted from the control panel. The banner, together with the cookie policy, is set to always be displayed clearly and legibly on the screens of a normal desktop PC, either on a smartphone or tablet.

Cookie law