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Video-call exams directly from browser

DynDevice LMS enables you to organize and conduct remote video-call exams simply by using your browser, without ever having to install any third-party software.

It is possible to create and manage objects called "RTC Exams" (where RTC stands for real time communication) which can be included in your online courses (e.g. in the SCORM™ learning objects that make up the didactic part of the course and the related certificate). All learners, upon reaching an object of this type, will be able to book a video-call session with the examining teacher, choosing among the slots made available for RTC exams by the e-Learning platform administrator.

On the date and at the specific time booked by the learner, the examiner will start the video-call, and the learner will be able to answer test questions. All of this just by clicking [Call] and [Reply]with no need to install any software or plug-in, all you have to do is enter the course containing the "RTC Exam" object!

The clickable image shows specific teacher's features within the detail of a course containing an exam object. DynDevice LMS will take care of e-mailing appropriate reminders both to the learner and the teacher so that they do not forget about the agreed RTC exam session which, upon completion, will be evaluated by the examiner. If his / her evaluation is positive and the related report is uploaded, the learner will be allowed to advance in the course and access subsequent objects (these could be other Learning Objects or, often, and end-of-course certificate).

Video-call exams directly from browser