Share on YSN

The "Share on YSN" (share on your social network) module enables you to add four buttons for social network sharing to your website's pages. Each button is used to share content on one of the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. When the module is inserted in a page, they will look very much like the ones you see at the bottom of this article, plus any personalization you may wish to apply.

One special feature of the "Share on YSN" module's buttons is that they are "intelligent" because they are able to detect whether a visitor is simultaneously logged in to one or more of the four social network. If that is the case, the relevant button(s) will follow the page scrolling (you can try this out right now by logging in o a social network and then reloading and scrolling this page. This is to really prompt users to share the page they're visiting.
At the same time, even when users do not share any content, the system collect statistical data that can be useful to inform site administrators of the number of visitors who are also logged in to the four main social networks. These data are then automatically forwarded to Google Analytics.

If the "Share on YSN" module is inserted in a page that is also equipped with the "Comments" module, a fifth button will appear, showing the number of comments added thus far to the page; if clicked on, this button will take visitors to the comment section. 

Share on your social network