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Mega Italia Media is the producer of DynDevice

Mega Italia Media produces and provides companies, institutions, consultants, trainers and retailers with:

Since 1988 we have been operating in the training market and have over 2.500 active customers (companies, institutions, professionals).

We have a team of 30 training and IT officers, Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015 IAS Register n.00468/05 sectors EA37 e 29.

In 2009 we made the decision to develop a complete e-Learning platform (LCMS + LMS) and, based on our 20-year experience in company training, we wanted it to be at the very top in terms of technical and quality standards. After a couple of years, in the first trimester of 2011  DynDevice LCMS was officially launched (today it has evolved to include solutions: "1. Training managementt", "2. Course distribution" e "3. Course creation") as a versatile platform for e-Learning which can be used simply and rapidly on all common devices: PC, tablets, smartphones e SmartTVs. DynDevice LCMS was based and created on the  DynDevice framework, immediately created with the aim of having a base for different types of applications and web solutions.
Indeed, in the second half of 2011 DynDevice ICMS - intranet content management system ("6. Intranet"), the second macro-module of the suite, was created, again on  DynDevice. As you probably guessed, it is a system designed and developed to comprehensively manage your company's intranet, which is the natural evolution of an e-Learning platform.
Mega Italia Media has been able to use its decade-long experience on company intranets to provide its customers with an essential tool to increase productivity (naturally, it is to be coupled with the e-Learning system  DynDevice LCMS).
The  DynDevice family of macro-modules became more extended at the beginning of 2012 when  DynDevice wCMS (solution: "5. e-Commerce and website") was released to the public: it is a system used to manage content on public websites. A natural integration of  DynDevice which Mega Italia Media has been using to manage its own websites for years, it was adapted to be easily used by external clients. Just like every other macro-module for the suite, it can be fully integrated with all  DynDevice products (e.g. to sell the courses distributed via the first module  DynDevice LCMS directly online - this is activated automatically).

After dedicating the last few years to the development and fine-tuning of existing macro-modules, 2017 has seen the genesis of the last macro-:  DynDevice HR (solution: "4. HR management") which helps you manage your staff by monitoring their skills and tasks while planning improvements through training courses.

Ethical Code

Mega Italia Media, through its own Ethical Code, establishes the guidelines for the behaviour of its managerial team, its employees and any other "stakeholder" with an active role in the company's operations, such as:
  • Public administration officers
  • clients
  • employees
  • suppliers
  • external consultants
  • associations and local communities
Any action, regardless of whether it is taken in the company's interest, cannot in any way justify any behaviour which contrasts with the ethical code's principles.
The company will not start or continue a professional relationship with organizations and bodies that do not intend to respect these principles.
To download the ethical code (in Italian), click here.
Certificato CSQ

Mega Italia Media is certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Design and provision of multimedia training courses and online services through the DynDevice platform.