Webinar within e-Learning courses

With DynDevice LMS you can organize webinars in live streaming and include them in your blended courses (in exactly the same way as Learning Objects, Advanced Tests, etc.) , making them an integral part of the courses. The main features are:

  • ability to create webinars in live streaming within the courses
  • ability to share "pre-uploaded" slides in the webinar, directing their "airing" in real time
  • ability to set up webinar participants and manage reporting
  • ability to issue course certificates related to webinar participation

    Gestione documenti

    Similarly to how "Web-conference sessions" are managed, for each organized webinar the DynDevice LMS e-Learning platform comprehensively manages:

    • user registration (both by the administrator and automatically via e-Commerce)
    • confirmation of participation by users
    • generation of participation reports and attendance sheets
    • upload of documents to the platform by the teacher
    • approval of documents by the administrator