Manage skills and monitor staff competences

manage skillsWith DynDevice LMS you can monitor the skills of your staff and manage in depth the tasks and skills assigned to your employees.

Knowing and developing the knowledge and skills of your internal resources is essential to the success of any company, regardless of size or industry.

A correct mapping of the knowledge, skills and abilities of the company's employees allows you to better understand internal resources, identify areas of development, plan targeted training and constantly monitor individual growth within the organisation.

Why map skills?

Mapping the skills of human resources is an extremely useful process that allows you to:

  • Determine unequivocally what are the basic skills of each role
  • Positioning people according to their skills in the most strategic roles, adding a value
  • Having an overview of the company's training needs and requirements
  • Determine which employees need to be trained and on which specific competences
  • Evaluate the actual results of the training
  • Evaluate internal mobility routes

With DynDevice LMS the management of tasks and skills is very simple

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform allows you to manage in depth the tasks and related skills to be assigned to your employees.


With DynDevice LMS you are always in control of your staff's level of training and progress over time. In particular, DynDevice LMS allows you to:

  • Define the list of tasks (professional roles) in the company
  • Associate the job with employees
  • Create all the necessary skills and associate them with one or more tasks
  • Set the minimum level required for each skill assigned to each task
  • Trace the importance in percentage (defined as "weight") that each skill has for the task, thus establishing how important it is for that specific role
  • Check the gaps between the expected skill level and the actual level possessed by the employee
  • Assign each person compulsory or optional courses useful to bridge possible gaps
  • Assign coaching activities to promote on-the-job training
  • Link the improvement of skills to the completion of a course
  • Extract data with multiple types of reports: users who have at least one GAP; users who can carry out a certain task; mandatory courses not carried out and/or expired; users who have exceeded a certain skill level; and so on.

On the basis of the data collected, the HR managers of the companies will be able to make the necessary evaluations and study a plan to improve the skills of their resources.


DynDevice LMS makes it easy to manage compulsory tasks as well.

mandatory-tasksIn addition, DynDevice LMS allows you to easily manage mandatory tasks (e.g. Safety at Work) in relation to the risk level of the company or specific department.

At periodically programmable intervals, the platform reports the tasks that must be obligatorily assigned to one or more employees of the company (e.g. "Fire Fighter", "First Aid Officer", etc.); it periodically checks and reports mandatory tasks not assigned to anyone, or assigned but not covered by the courses provided (e.g. "First Aid Officer" task assigned to an employee who has never done the appropriate course, or has done so but the course itself has expired).

Practically speaking, with DynDevice LMS you are always in control of both the roles to be assigned and those assigned, with an overview of the compulsory training for each specific role.

With DynDevice LMS all company training is always under control.