What's SCORM?

SCORM™  is an acronym for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and indicates a set of technical standards that make a learning content (learning object) catalogable, traceable and reusable in different environments or LMS platforms for training (such as DynDevice LMS).

The SCORM™ standard allows, among other things, to track and obtain detailed reports on the times of use or sessions related to a given learning object, the number of attempts, assessments and scores obtained in the tests and the percentage of progress within the course.

SCORM-compatible platforms, such as DynDevice LMS, also make it possible to establish various rules of "navigation" between the various sections of the course, for example by inhibiting access to certain sections if the previous ones have not been completed or if certain objectives have not been achieved before, or by requiring the repetition of certain sections if a certain score has not been achieved in a quiz.