DataDyn Viewer

With the "DataDyn Viewer" module you can display data contained in data tables (Dyn-Tables) with the option to show/hide and apply filters to rows and columns.

The module can therefore be used to display tables with any kind of data on your content management system-powered website: normal text, text formatted with the visual editor, files, etc.

The data filtering option, in particular, enables you to comprehensively manage what to show and what to hide. Another important feature is the ability to filter displayed lines dynamically according to the field chosen as filter.

DataDyn Viewer

Websites using this module

The "DataDyn Viewer" module, while being an "advanced" module and therefore not included in the "basic" group, is useful for all websites created with the content management system, because the extraction of data from tables is required for a large number of operations.

This is the most significant website using the module: