Profiles mapping and skills management

DynDevice LMS enables you to comprehensively manage roles and related skills to be assigned to employees. Therefore, the system allows you to always be in control of your staff's general training level, the individual levels achieved and progressive improvements. Possible operations include:

  • creating an infinite number of roles (e.g. "Programmer")
  • creating an infinite number of skills to be associated to one or more roles (e.g. "Knowledge of PHP")
  • setting minimum required level for each role <-> skill pair (values ranging from 0 to 100%)
  • setting every employee's current level <-> skill pair (values ranging from 0 to 100%)
  • setting a specific value of improvement in a particular skill upon successful completion of an e-Learning course (e.g. +10%)
  • assigning roles to one or more employees
  • checking GAPs between an employee's expected and actual skill level
  • quickly creating "Training paths" aimed at closing role <-> skill GAPs with automatic enrolment in the appropriate e-Learning courses
  • give the possibility of their own collaborators to self-evaluate their skills

In addition, the system is able to extract data in Excel format.

Roles and skills

Training paths