Manage funded training

Did you know that with DynDevice LMS you can thoroughly manage all data related to "funded training" projects and plans?

1. Create compliant Training Plans.

The DynDevice LMS platform allows you to create Training Plans and to associate them with either specific eLearning or blended courses. The data of the plans that you create (Training Plan ID, training action ID, plan activation date, etc.) will automatically be included in the training documents produced by DynDevice LMS and required for reporting the Funded Training Plan (minutes, training contracts and certificates).

2. Binding the timetables for taking the courses.

In order to meet the submission, delivery, and reporting timelines of the Plans, you have the option of binding the fruition of the course to certain time frames and setting a due date for training fruition.

3. Track all trainees' activities.

Thanks to the monitoring tools integrated into the platform, you have complete tracking of the activities carried out by the user, and you can set specific fruition rules that obligate the user to view the content in full and to pass verification tests.

4. Produce detailed reporting.

The monitoring and tracking tools included in the platform, allow you to generate detailed reporting on the user's activity on each and every item of each learning object that makes up the course, with exact times of entry, stay and exit, in accordance with the requirements of the main funds for corporate training.

5. Do you have an external audit?

In the case of training courses organized in videoconference mode, you can create an inspector user to allow the Fund free access to the classes and monitor their progress.

Funded training: what is it and how does it work?

Funded training refers to the ability of companies to offer continuing education to their employees at no additional cost. To date, several tools offer grants for training company personnel, each with its own rules and characteristics.

Thus, funded training is a very important and helpful tool for enhancing employees' personal skills and increasing Companies' competitiveness.