Certified SCORM™ Player

For e-Learning courses, DynDevice LMS is equipped with a SCORM™ Player which is officially certified for SCORM™ 1.2, SCORM™ 2004 and xAPI formats.
For each LMS, being equipped with a player that is fully compatible with the most popular e-learning format is crucially important, as it enables the reproduction of learning objects without any loss of functionality.

This SCORM™ player can also be used to run any e-Learning parts that may be included in a classroom course.

Who issues the certification?

The SCORM™ certification is issued by ADL Certification Testing Centers, specifically the DynDevice LMS Center from the Wisconsin Testing Organization (Academic ADL Co-Lab).

For more information on the certification, please visit this page on the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) site created by the US Department of Defense in 1999 with the purpose of providing guidance to defense and civilian agencies and to develop and implement standards in the field of "collaborative distance learning".

DynDevice is multidevice!

Main Features of DynDevice's Scorm™ Player

These are the main features:

  • Full compatibility with SCORM™ standard
  • Full compatibility with xAPI (Tin Can) standard
  • Full graphic customization
  • Compatibility with all popular browsers and devices: PC, tablet, smartphone and SmartTV
  • Full compatibility with W3C standards
SCORM and the SCORM logo are certification marks of Concurrent Technologies Corporation of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The SCORM 2004 Compliant logo indicates that DynDevice LCMS has been independently tested and certified by an ADL-designated certification organization to comply with SCORM 2004. Successful test results for a product constitute AS IS compliance with SCORM 2004 using the designated tests. Compliance evaluation using SCORM 2004 tests developed by ADL or others does not constitute or imply endorsement or assurance by ADL or others of product utility, quality, or reliability in use or technical accuracy of content.