The "E-Commerce" module, as the name clearly suggests, is the module which enables you to turn your website into a real online shop, equipped with every feature needed for full, optimal functionality. These are the different sections/phases that your visitors will go through when selecting, purchasing and completing their orders:

  • Presentation of your shop's products divided into categories/sections
  • Presentation of a product list from a specific category/section (products can be directly added to the cart or clicked on for product details)
  • Presentation of a product's details - here you can show discount systems, image galleries, videos, downloadable PDF files of technical data sheets, etc.)
  • Shopping cart management, to check orders in progress with dynamic quantity update
  • Order confirmation (with registration for new users and login for registered users)
  • Order history and order status

Advanced features

In addition to the "standard" features which are typical of all traditional e-commerce programs, the content management system's "E-Commerce" module is equipped with a number of advanced features. With this module, you can:

  • set a pricing system related to quantity for each single product
  • manage different versions of the same product (on any number of levels with cascading structures)
  • apply discounts to products (general discount in % or special discounts on specific order ranges)
  • manage any number of delivery methods and related charges (also according to total order weight)
  • manage any number of payment methods (Paypal, credit card, etc.)

Moreover, the "E-Commerce" module can be enhanced further with additional modules which can expand its already impressive range of features: Basket, Discount coupon, Category menu, Related products, Showcased products.