Provide safety courses

Do your employees have to undergo mandatory occupational health and safety training and you want to be sure that you provide them with legally valid online courses? Are you an occupational health and safety training provider or trainer and you don't want to have doubts about the compliance of the courses you offer to your customers?

  Attenzione!     Not only must the courses comply with legal requirements in terms of duration and teaching content, but also the eLearning platform you use to deliver them must have specific technical features for the training to be valid.

DynDevice LMS is 100% compliant with the technical requirements for the delivery of online courses regarding Health and Safety in the workplace, both in synchronous and asynchronous mode. 

Our eLearning platform allows you to access create training courses in SCORM™ format, combining the convenience of eLearning with the guarantee of tracking the learner's activities, as required by the standard and/or funded training regulations.

But that's not all, with DynDevice LMS you can fully create and manage the entire training path: you can create blended courses (partially online with classroom sessions), organize calendars and manage the availability of locations and teachers. For each classroom in each location you can manage available seats and calendar occupancy. Or, again, you can integrate an exam in attendance, with automatic notifications and reports within the eLearning courses.  

In addition, you can also tie the possibility to use online courses at certain times (for example, during working hours), in accordance with the provisions of some notices and funded training.


During the online courses, DynDevice LMS monitors and certifies:

  • the performance and completion of each user's training activities;
  • the active participation of the learner;
  • the traceability of each activity carried out during the connection to the system and its duration;
  • the traceability of the use of the individual learning units structured in Learning Objects (LO);
  • the regularity and progressiveness of the user's use of the system;
  • the modalities and the passing of learning tests, intermediate and final learning assessments.

Mentors and Content Tutors are available to the trainees for teaching support and technical help during office hours.


Why should you rely on DynDevice LMS for safety training?

Because with DynDevice LMS you have access to:

  • a unique repository of all eLearning, classroom and blended classroom-online training;
  • a tracking system for trainees' activities;
  • the possibility to manage the deadlines of compulsory courses on occupational Safety thanks to the system of notifications that warn you when the deadline is approaching and allow you to schedule refresher courses;
  • the possibility to automatically generate, for each course provided, easily editable and customizable reports;
  • the possibility to create and issue personalized certificates for any type of course and keep them in a progressive and permanent archive;
  • the possibility to easily manage funded training plans by producing all the necessary documentation;
  • the possibility to access company training data (certificates, reports and training contracts) at any time;
  • the possibility to deliver courses on any device, also through native Android and iOS apps;
  • the possibility to manage user communities to encourage interaction between trainees through chat or forum discussions;
  • the ability to generate detailed reports in CSV, Excel and PDF format to monitor user activities and progress;
  • the possibility to build and deliver courses with full support to the national CME (Continuing Medical Education) standard. 


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