Generating SCORM™ Package Files

Mega Italia Media has been adopting the SCORM™ 2004 format as the main way of building and exporting courses on DynDevice and, because of the resulting certification, can guarantee its correct interpretation in the related LMS, with 100% adherence to the standard.

Therefore, choosing the SCORM™ 2004 format enables you to run and use the courses developed with DynDevice both on the DynDevice platform itself and any other third-party SCORM™-compliant LMS.

Warning! Not all LMSs which claim to be compatible with the SCORM™ 2004 are actually 100% compatible with the standard: to be certain that they are, check that your LMS appears on this list. If it is not present among certified LMSs, not all the features and functions which DynDevice can manage may be supported, particularly in terms of rules and navigation sequence.