Create microlearning courses

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is a mode of training characterized by very short content, easily usable also in mobile learning mode.
According to YouTube the average video view is 4.4 minutes and according to one study only 20% of people read a document from start to finish.
However, there is no "standard" that defines microlearning in terms of time: the guideline to follow is to divide the content by themes and to express the content related to the topic in "the necessary time, but also as short as possible", giving the learners time to enjoy the training and learn in an incisive way.

How to use microlearning?

As it’s quick to create and to use, microlearning content is suitable for a wide range of topics. For example, you can use microlearning for:

  • present a new product to your employees at different points of sale;
  • train technicians on a new operating procedures;
  • train employees on a new operating mode;
  • inform agents and sales force about the features of a new product;
  • align staff knowledge on all company activities;
  • and many other situations where essential, immediate and controllable training is required.

What are the advantages of microlearning content?

  • They are extremely easy and fast to create and update (including via the DynDevice LMS mobile app);
  • they can be used by any device, whenever you want and potentially as many times as you want;
  • they combine flexibility with greater customization of the training path;
  • are extremely accessible: the time to use them is short;
  • they are perfect for just-in-time training: the short contents can be reviewed to recall useful information when needed;
  • they allow for less cognitive overload and greater preservation of knowledge;
  • they are very useful in cumulative and step-by-step training.


Creating and distributing microlearning with DynDevice LMS

With DynDevice LMS you can create and distribute microlearning content in a few minutes, i.e. short courses or training pills:

  • videos;
  • audio;
  • image galleries;
  • documents;
  • "external" link;
  • HTML content.

Once created in an easy and intuitive way, the training pills can be made available to employees, customers or suppliers who can use them unlimitedly in time or they can be subject to expiry date, according to the company's needs.

In any case, the actual use of the course by users will be tracked on the platform.


Administrable from any device, even mobile

Learn how to create micro-courses with DynDevice. Watch the short presentation and request a free demo to find out more!

Creating microlearning courses is quick and easy, you can even do it from the DynDevice LMS mobile app: we know that the HR or training department may need to manage their business eLearning platform on the go. For this reason, the DynDevice LMS administration interface (or control panel) can be used via all fixed and mobile devices. 

Multi-channel and multi-device use, also for mobile learning

As with the more structured eLearning courses, DynDevice LMS gives learners the ability to take training pills from multiple channels and devices. All modern browsers are supported and compatibility is guaranteed on different devices: 

  • Computers (desktop, laptops 2 x 1 such Surface Note);
  • Tablets (such iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.);
  • Smartphones (iPhone, Android devices, Windows 10, etc.);
  • Smart-TV.

Use via native app for Android and iOS

DynDevice LMS also provides the company and its employees with native apps for Android and iOS operating systems, thanks to which you can keep your eLearning platform at hand (and in your pocket!), access it quickly, and receive personalized notifications.

The app is fully customizable for your business platform in terms of graphics and user experience.

Offline use

When out of the office or away from home it can be difficult to have good network coverage. To meet this need, DynDevice LMS provides a dedicated feature to allow learners to enjoy content offline, subject to full download of the content they wish to view.

How do you respond to the fast pace, mobility at work, information bombardment, and attention loss? Create microlearning courses in an easy and intuitive way and deliver them to employees, customers, suppliers and collaborators.