The "Comments" module enables visitors to post comments or questions related to your website's news, products and pages in general. You will be able to create a lively community around your website!

Having a community brings several advantages: first is the fact that pages "auto-update" which results in more indexing on search engines; another considerable benefit is "word of mouth" between users. There are different possible ways to gather comments: it can be set to give either all visitors or only registered users the option to leave comments. The image above shows how it is possible to operate on collected comments.


Comments on Facebook™

With a specific configuration, comments collected by the module can also be shown on users' Facebook™ message board. This furthers enhances the "advertisement" generated by your visitors' comments.

Websites using this module

The "Comments" module is used by various webistes with an interest in creating an active community around their published content. This is an example: