The "DT-Form" module enables you to enhance your website with forms that can be compiled by visitors. All data collected will be stored in previously-created data tables (Dyn-Tables) and can be emailed to predefined recipients

This module can therefore be used to add generic contact forms, assistance request forms, newsletter subscription forms (data tables can be used to extract recipients of DEM campaigns set up with the "Newsletter" module).

In relation to newsletter subscriptions, in particular, the "DT-Form" module also supports the activation of records by user confirmation: it is always possible to set an auto-reply email which is automatically sent upon completion of a form (for opting-in or just as ackowledgement of correct compilation or to confirm reception).


Websites using this module

The "DT-Form" module, while considered an "advanced" module and therefore not included among "basic" ones, is used in practically all websites created with the content management system (solution "5. e-Commerce and website") - that's because collection of visitors' data is crucial for any website. Here's a couple of significant examples:

  • Punto Sicuro (in addition to standard contact forms, the form to subscribe to the restricted area was also created with the "DT-Form" module)
  • Squash.it (standard contact forms and the subscription forms were created with "DT-Form")