The solutions that make up DynDevice are web applications

All the solutions that make up the DynDevice LMS are web applications: this means that all you need to launch them is an internet browser and either a PC or a smartphone, tablet o SmartTV. The applications can be executed simultaneously (thank to an innovative GUI) to facilitate their integration and the sharing of documents, rules and information.

Web applications

Advantages of DynDevice's web solutions

The web application of DynDevice have a number of advantages: the solutions are supported by a server and web provider which ensure both access speed and security (every client-server connection is encrypted.

The web solutions supported by DynDevice LMS benefit from continuous updates released by Mega Italia Media in a completely transparent way for users and all changes are followed up with an equivalent update both to the PDF and the in-page guide.

Any PC equipped with a browser can use DynDevice LMS's web applications, likewise they are 100% compatibles with any tablet and last-generation smartphones (e.g. Apple iPhone™, Samsung Galaxy™, etc.).

Moreover, the web applications of the DynDevice LMS are all designed with an advanced yet simple GUI (graphic user interface) which allows users to fully understand and use the applications in little more than a few minutes. The classic GUI is also very similar to the one used by desktop applications and therefore benefits from the same functionality.