Basic modules

By "modules" we mean all the features of DynDevice LMS's extension "Customize your platform" that make your webiste's pages dynamic. "Basic" modules are the modules that are always installed by default with any activation of the CMS. This type of module includes:

  • Login
    This module enables your visitors to login to the site's restricted area using their unique username and password.
  • Rich Text
    This simple module enables you to insert any formatted text in the spaces provided for modules by the page's graphic style.
  • Sitemap
    Create and display your website's sitemap simply, quickly, professionally and improve your site's indexing on search engines.
  • Tree-like menu
    With this module you can display your website's access menu in the typical graphic style of an interactive menu.

Since the DynDevice LMS is being continuously developed and improved, it is very likely that the number of base modules will increase.