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Company discussions

The "Progress" module enables you to create and manage company discussions, which are basically similar to forum threads.

Discussions can be divided into different sections and categories (there's no limit to the number of sections and categories that can be created) and it is possible to display a "Progress" section for each page on your intranet. Users are always able to create, edit or delete sections, as well as move certain discussions from one section to the other and customize which "Progress" section is to be shown on a specific intranet page.


All registered employees can take part in a discussion by posting messages (new ones or replies to existing ones). Messages are created and inserted in the discussion via the visual editor of DynDevice LMS and any "resource" files which are part of the message (images, video, PDF/Word attachments, etc.) are automatically protected; access to them will only be granted to employees who have subscribed to the discussion.

Company discussions