Project management

The "Project Management" it is complete, precise and integrated with the rest of the system.

Your projects on your intranet

"Project Management" enables you to put all your projects and commissioned work on your intranet. For each of them you can fix deadlines for completion/delivery, assign workers and material/virtual resources. As you see in the image on the side, you will have a complete summary which will allow you to keep every aspect of your work under control. State of progress/completion will be visible on your intranet. Calendar view is also available.

Project List

For each project, you can then create individual tasks with predefined (estimated) completion time; these will be assigned to different employees/workers who have an intranet account. The system will use an employee's available slots (working hours) "intelligently", by choosing the earliest available according to the project's deadlines, other projects that worker is involved in, his holiday plan and work schedule. The system will calculate the earliest possible date for completion of the project accoding to the estimated duration of all tasks and the availability of the workers they have been assigned to!

Project timing

Finally the typical customer's question "When can you have that finished?" can have an instant, precise and certain answer, with no margin for error!

As the image above shows, the different tasks of a project can be linked and made dependant on one another: any postponement of activities will only be acceptable if compliance to project deadlines is not affected, also considering interdependence.


You can then also view each project's status and progress in "Gannt diagram" mode: any discrepancy between an activity's planned and effective completion times will be highlighted.

Each project can be cloned in order to speed up the insertion of replicated tasks on different activities: the cloned project will be assigned a completion time based on actual time needed and not just on expected duration.

Management of human resources: TODO

Each employee will be able to use the intranet to view his/her own TODO - the list of his/her planned activities. For each of them he/she will be able/forced to update its progress status, with a description of work done and duration.

Then, alerts will automatically be emailed to employees to remind them of tasks approaching deadlines , expired tasks, tasks planned for the next working day, projects expiring in the current week, etc.

Employees will also be able to use the window displaying TODO to postpone or "extend" (e.g. if more time is needed) available tasks - as long as it respects overall project deadlines.

Personal TODO