Complete list of features

This is a list which briefly explains the general features and advanced modules:

General features

  • Unlimited page management: you can create an infinite number of intranet pages
  • Advanced user management: management of users with tree-like diagram (perfect for displaying a company's structure) and grouping in offices/department
  • Customizable graphics and layout: you can customize your intranet's appearance thanks to 20 default templates, or request personalized templates to Mega Italia Media
  • Access statistics: advanced stats on page, document and section access
  • Multi-language support: you can create and manage your intranet in several languages
  • Workflow: each content which a user wants to publish on the intranet follows a precise approval path. The actual publication is just the last stage of a process which can be set up to include multiple revisions and approvals (and made to follow the company's organizational chart). Each stage can be complemented with the sending of an email to the user(s) who is/are involved in that particular phase. It is possible to set different workflow processes according to the type of content being added and to the section where it is to be published.

Advanced modules

  • Notice board module: manage a notice board (e.g. for buying/selling) that employees can use freely
  • Advanced download areas module: manage document sections for each user or type of users with file access log
  • DT-Form module: create simple or complex forms to be filled in by intranet users (data will then be stored in the database of DynDevice and be available for export in various formats)
  • DT-Publish module: display data tables from DynDevice's database on your intranet pages
  • Intranet Map module: create a personalized sitemap for each user (only pages to which he/she has access will appear)
  • Search Engine module: insert a search engine for documents, pages and news (only pages and resources to which an employee has access will be displayed in the results)
  • News module: insert news to be disseminated among employees (and set appropriate access rights)
  • Intranet Newsletter module: send newsletters to all your intranet users with advanced stats about views and clicks
  • Payroll module: digitally deliver employees' payslips (with optional email alert) and keep track of when they are viewed
  • Planning module: manage employees' TODO, assign periodic tasks, etc.
  • Attendance module: manage attendance by integrating access control, holiday requests, leave, business trips etc.
  • Resource booking module: manage the booking of shared company resources such as meeting rooms, etc.
  • Progress module: manage internal company discussions by creating forums on specific subjects
  • Project Management module: manage web projects by involving one or more employees and plan work schedules by linking them to the Planning module
  • Expenses module: manage all types of refunds (mileage, accommodation, etc.)
  • Survey module: distribute simple or complex surveys and questionnaires to all or some of your employees