E-Commerce of courses

For each available e-Learning course which can be distributed through your e-Learning platform, you can set its retail price and arrange a discount system so that it can be sold directly online via a real, fully-functional e-Commerce feature (including management of online payments).

Learners using your platform, who already have access to the learning management system's restricted area (i.e. the section where courses are used), and other potential customers will be able to purchase new courses for themselves, other existing learners or other users who are not yet entered in the system.

The payment of purchased courses, if completed online by credit card or PayPal, enables customers to automatically activate their enrolment, with no administrator intervention required. If the user is a new learner, all mandatory fields in the enrolment form must be filled in, such as name, surname, tax code, date and place of birth, etc.

Besides e-Commerce of courses, with DynDevice LMS you can create and manage your own public website, and also manage the e-Commerce of other products and services.