Advanced modules

By "modules" we mean all the features of DynDevice LMS's extension "Customize your plastform" that make your website's pages dynamic. "Advanced modules" are the optional modules that can be installed on an activated CMS to address specific needs. This type of module includes:

  • Support
    Offer your customers a support service organized with tickets, which allows them to ask for help and receive answers on any kind of issue.
  • Banner
    Insert banner campaigns in your CMS-managed website, check viewing figures, set maximum number of clicks and randomization, etc.
  • Booking
    Display on the site bookable objects for a fee (hotel rooms, cars rent) with a rate that may vary depending on the time of year. And accept bookings and payment via e-commerce
  • Calendar
    Display events of any kind, duration and frequency on your website, including detailed descriptions, external links etc.
  • Users' chat
    Enrich your website's community with a complete, simple, light and fully browser and operating system-compatible chat section.
  • Chat for assistance
    Provide your visitors with instant support via live operator chat.
  • Comments
    Allow your visitors to comment on a piece of news, a product or any other page of your CMS-managed website.
  • Cookie notification
    Display a banner to confirm acceptance of cookie policy.
  • Courses
    Display and sell online subscriptions to future courses (or events); set expiration and repeats.
  • DataDyn Viewer
    Display data from Dyn-Tables on the website's front end.
  • DT-Form
    Fill your Dyn-Tables with data gathered through forms on your website: these data can also be emailed to a pre-defined recipient.
  • Dyn Maps
    Show land maps with different types of objects extracted from dynamic data tables.
  • Forum
    Add an organized forum section where users can open discussion threads and send each other messages.
  • E-Commerce
    Enhance your website with a complete online shop: product display, sales, credit card payments - everything is simple and intuitive!
  • Magazine
    Publish a real online magazine quickly and easily; this unique module takes care of everything, from managing numbers to the actual publication of articles.
  • Newsletter for DEM
    Send e-mail marketing campaigns to your contacts in the data tables (or collected via forms displayed with DT-Form).
  • News
    Insert news and divide them in categories so as to provide constant updates. Activate user comments on news articles to build a community.
  • Photo gallery
    Display image galleries on your website with simple drag & drop operations after the appropriate upload and photo-editing procedures.
  • PHP-Eval
    Dedicated to expert users, this module allows you to insert PHP code in the spaces that are allocated to modules by the graphic style (template) associated to a page.
  • Search
    Add a complete search engine which enables users to easily find any content on the website (pages, products, classroom/e-learning courses, news).
  • Share on YSN
    Enhance your pages with buttons for sharing a page on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter; collect information from users logged in to social networks.
  • SMS Sender
    Allow users to send SMS texts to mobile phones directly from the control panel.
  • Management of subscriptions
    Grant access to restricted areas upon subscribing to the relevant service; collect orders and payments with the Subscription module.

Since the DynDevice LMS is being continuously developed and improved, the above list of modules will keep increasing as new features become available.