New DynDevice release 2.3.002

A substantial new release involving all DynDevice solutions

New DynDevice release 2.3.002

A substantial new release involving all DynDevice solutions

We have just completed the release of version 2.3 build 002 of  DynDevice on the whole Mega Italia Media cloud. DynDevice is the complete training management system equipped with  e-Learning platform, SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools),  HR management web content management and  company intranet management

The following release note lists and explains the latest changes.

Solutions 1. Training management, 2. Course distribution and 3. Course creation (vers. 3.2.95)

Certificates in "draft" format.
• A new "Issue as draft"  field ("Yes" / "No" drop-down) has been added to the window for certificate creation / edit. When set on "Yes", the user certificates created at the end of a course will be saved as drafts. To complete them, they will then have to be re-uploaded to the platform by an administrator (with any required signature or other confirmation);
• In the "List of issued certificates" window, if one of the certificates is saved as draft, the new [Draft certificate^] button will now be displayed to access the functions [View draft certificate] (to display it) and [Upload complete certificate] (to upload a final certificate which replaces a draft);
• In the "PDF certificate attached" notification you can now use the IFs <if-draft> and <if-complete> to have different email text according to whether it is a draft or complete certificate. These IFs can also be inserted in the visual editor by embedding them into a HTML comment (<!-- <if-draft> --> e <!-- <if-complete> -->).

Editing results of advanced tests.
If the logged in user is a LCMS (not group) administrator, the "Force user answers" link is now available in the window. This features enables the editing of test answers and any previously-assigned scores. Updated scores can be manually inserted in the dedicated field or automatically calculated by the system via the "Calculate score" link.

"LCMS Scorm Player" module.
• if the certificate generated at the end of a course is in draft format, users will be notified by a message inviting them to wait for the complete certificate file to be uploaded. This message disappears once the final certificate becomes available;
• new "Download draft certificate" and "Instructions for draft certificate" labels have been added to the "Manage labels" window so as to enable personalization of the messages that users receive when a certificate is issued in draft format;
• During training drills and advanced tests, a check is now in place to disable forced logout even when a user spends more than 30 minutes on the same page.

Transfer of other training.
"Other training" is now also automatically transferred when transfering usage data from one user to another in the "Management of enrolments" window. Similarly to enrolments, if the two users involved in the transfer have some other training in common, this will not be transferred and will stay with the original user;

Importing users via CSV with "Active" flag.
It is now possible to set the value of the "Active" field for each learner when importing users via CSV.

Minor changes.
• The "Contract" field can now be renamed in "Platform options -> Labels".
• The relevant user's name, surname, place and date of birth are now displayed in the new / edit pre-enrolment field;

Solution 4. HR Management (vers. 1.0.10)

Menu change.
The [Import users] function of solution 1. Training management can now also be accessed from the menu of solution 4. HR Management.

Management of medical visits.
Several improvements have been applied to the Medical visits feature:
• in the [List of medical visits], the "Reason" column has been added as a "list"-type field;
• a new text area-type field labelled "Outcome" has been added to the "medical visit" object. The related control panel has also been updated and is now divided in three sections: "Who, where, when and why", "Status of visit" and "Renewal info";
• employees whose profile includes a "handling" field set on any value other than "None" and/or "Medical visit plan" set on "No" will no longer generate alerts related to medical visits (either via e-Mail or by the red square next to menu buttons in the control panel);
• employees with the "Medical visit plan" set on "No" can't be selected as "Employee" in the "New/edit medical visit" field;
• the column "handling" is also now displayed in the [expiring visits] field. The same label also appears next to an employee's name when trying to add/edit a new visit on a user with a handling value other than "None";
• "HRMS Visits" module: the default template of this module which displays all medical visits booked for an employee (and his/her previous visits) has been modified: fields for the new "outcome" variables <#? EXIT-DOCUMENT?#> and <#? EXIT-OUTCOME ?#> have been added;
• a new "Refuse" option has been added to the confirmation of booked visits by employees (with subsequents automated actions such as: notify administrator, reschedule employee alerts, etc.);
• the "Exit document" field is now saved on the server with a crypted name.

"Users with no medical visits" function.
The menu has been enhanced with a new[Users with no visits] button which displays all users with no assigned/uploaded medical visit. The button has a small red square showing the number of users in the group. This function can also be used to set up recurring e-Mail alerts.

Report of medical visits.
The[Generate report] function has been added to medical visits, to enable the extraction of group-filtered lists of completed/booked medical visits and users with no medical visits.

More options in the "Medical Visits" field.
• the "Medical visits" -> "Yes/No" field in the user management area of the control panel has been expanded to become "Medical visits" -> "No", "Complete management", "Management with no sensitive data" and "Upload of outcome";
• A new field labelled "Medical centre" (with "all" or  specific medical centres as value) has been added just below "Medical visits". This field's drop-down menu is activated once "Upload of outcome" is selected in the "Medical visits" drop-down.
• All windows of solution 4. HR management have been updated to reflect the increased number of options.

Administrators in 4. HR management.
When a new administrator-level user for solution 4.HR management is created, all HR-related fields in the user rights table are now automatically set on TRUE.

Window for displaying skills and course GAPs.
• The GAP tab displays mandatory courses for all roles, including non-compulsory ones and not from the CourStore™;
• the same change has been implemented in the export process of GAPs via CSV;

Extension of employee personal data.
19 new fields have been added to the table of employees/learners: "gender", "legally protected category", "Skill type", "Career Level", "First day of employment", "Start of path", "Detailed pipeline status", "Start of training", "End of training", "Activate internship", "Renew internship", "End of internship", "Mentor "company tutor)", "Company ID", "Referring recruiter", "Deployed to entity orglvl1", "User location", "Create" and "Last edit" (these last two are read-only and automatically filled by DynDevice).

Importing the "Contract" field.
The import system for employees/learners now checks whether the "Contract" field is textual instead of numerical and converts into an appropriate numerical ID any such contract value into an appropriate numerical ID (creating the appropriate "Contract" if it doesn't already exist).

Alternatives to mandatory courses.
Courses can now be labeled "Alternative to" two courses instead of just one (e.g. a "classroom training" 8-hour session which replaces both "General training" and "Specific training").

Merge users function.
The transfer of enrolments between users (user merging) now also transfers any information on medical visits.

Solution 5. e-Commerce and website (vers. 1.6.01)

"Support" module.
A few tools for those operating this module have been implemented:
• when a ticket is assigned to a new category, the operators of the new category are notified with a "new ticket" e-Mail alert;
• the login process for "Operators" of new ticket email alerts has been improved;
• the displaying of ticket lists has been optimized: operators will no longer be redirected to the top of the list when trying to edit a ticket's assignee;
• in-use operator filters when opening a ticket's detail are now preserved when "Back to list" is clicked.

"Login" module.
The "Other active session" screen in English has been improved.

Solution 6. Intranet (vers. 1.2.10)
"Attendance" module.
A few changes affecting module administrators:
• once an employee's entrance time is set, you can instruct the system to automatically deduct 30 minutes of leave / holidays for every late arrival of up to 30 minutes; for instance, an employee with a set entrance time of 09:00 who checks in at 9:15 will be charged 30 minutes of leave / holidays by the system. Likewise, a 09:40 entrance will result in the deduction of 60 minutes of leave / holidays. This information will only appear in the report that the administrator downloads for the count of hours worked;
• administrators are now given the option to receive a daily report of employees who skipped their lunch break and therefore had an "uninterrupted" day of work.

"Project Management" module.
Activity checks for employees with part-time 6 hours contracts have been optimized.

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