Update 5.1 for DynDevice LMS

It is being pre-released version 5.1 of the learning management system (LMS) Dyndevice, and within a matter of days it will be available for all platforms

Update 5.1 for DynDevice LMS

It is being pre-released version 5.1 of the learning management system (LMS) Dyndevice, and within a matter of days it will be available for all platforms

It’s been going on for a few hours and will last for a few days the spread across the cloud of Mega Italia Media version 5.1 build 000 of DynDevice LMS, the learning management system (e-Learning platform) with SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools), Staff/HR management management features and advanced customization options through the CMS extension.

The following release note explains all the improvements made by this new update.


Improvements to the login process. The login process to the control panel and e-learning platform has been improved from the perspective of the information that is exposed to users. Always in a logic of full security, it now helps the user not to confuse login credentials to the control panel in the outdated direct way,compared to the access to the e-learning platform exploiting the new functionality one-to-one.

Improvements to the FunStore™. The "Summary" tab is now displayed as the first tab at the opening of the internal store in Dyndevice LMS, useful to integrate new features or to extend the current limits currently in force for its contract.Added also the new product "Smart working", as from the following point.

New service for the management of "Smart working". From this version, Dyndevice LMS can help its users manage their business smart-working plans: from the training of users, to the complete management of the documents necessary to fulfil the legal obligations.

Improvements to session management. Several improvements and simplifications have been made to the management of classroom and web-conference sessions, including the possibility of accepting subscribers prior to the beginning of the session, to make the confirmation of participation optional, the unification of several functionalities in a single mask, the possibility of hooking each session to different teachers, and also to eventual different Google Meet accounts, ecc.

Integration of Microsoft Teams™. In addition to external video-conference software with which learning management system was already integrated (Google Meet, Cisco Web-EX e LogMeIn GoToWebinar), with the realease of Dyndevice LMS 5.1 , Microsoft Teams™ integration is added. It will be possible to schedule your courses in web-conference through Dyndevice, and do the same in the Microsoft environment.

Detailed reports for blended courses. As was already possible for e-learning courses, selecting a specific user (or more) and a course (or more) in the mask "Generate report", it is possible to generate a report in Excel containing also a sheet (one for each user+learner pair) detailed of use within the course by the user. For classroom sessions, the user’s presence in the session will also be accurately reported(entrance, permanence, exit).

Certificates with dealer information. Optionally, you can enable an additional page for all certificates issued by the system, where you can insert the general information of the e-learning platform such as the logo, the URL (web adress), information about copyright and contacts, ecc. The page will be automatically added to all the certified documents issued by the e-learning platform, also following the completion of courses installed by CourStore™ created by its certified authors.

The CourStoreand subscription courses. From this version, new courses are available in the internal store of e-learning courses in "subscription" mode. This new method of charging for courses actually opens the doors of the CourStore™ to new authors of e-learning courses, further increasing the range of courses pre-available for delivery.

Counting of active users. Subscribers enrolled in e-learning courses in "demo mode" are no longer counted as "active users".


Classroom or web-conference sessions in multiple courses. It is from this update possible to insert the same objects "Session in the classroom" or "Session in web-conference" in several courses simultaneously. The functionality is very useful when you want to share the same training session in different courses, e.g. a "Fire Training Session" that must be valid for both "Low Fire Risk" and "Medium Fire Risk" courses.

Immediate generation of new versions. Generating new course versions in the LCMS editor is now pratically instant: With a simple click you will be able to generate a new version of each course already created previously, and make it immediately ready for change only in the necessary points so it can be published again. The publication process "in the local LMS" also allows to determine whether there should be a "transfer of members" from the previous version of the course with eventual repeal of the certificates in draft previously generated.

Certificates in draft. Enhanced the possibility of generating "certificates in draft", that can now have a content completely different from the "not in draft" version. And therefore they become even more useful in contextual use in courses subject to continuous changes over time, that is with the improvement "Immediate generation of new versions" above.


Improvements to the functionality "Project management". Many improvements have been made to the project management functionality, including: the ability to move tasks to calendar with simple operations of drag & drop; improved loading speed of all masks  (improved by 300%); improvements to the navigability and usability of the interface; and much more.

Improvements to the functionality "Attendance management". Staff attendance management functionality has also been improved, with the introduction of several new features. One of these, is to give the possibility to managers to be able to intervene to modify/integrate the entry and exit stamps of their subjects.


Login to the e-learning platform. A new way of managing concurrent access with the same user to the e-learning platform has been introduced. To the values "Exclude the previous one after re-inserting login data" and "Not possible" the new value "Excludes the previous one" has been added that basically allows the second instance of username+password to access the platform, excluding any other instance already connected.

Module "Courses". The way it is viewed has been improved the parameter that allows you to hide from e-commerce X days before the start of each class exposed. Now, in the count of the X days before, holidays and pre-holidays are no longer considered. In addition, the templates with which the output of the module is exposed, are now diversified according to the language.

Module "Chat for Assistance". The access to assistance from the navigators can now be constrained to the insertion of own Name, Surname and e-Mail. As well as the reading and acceptance of a "Privacy policy". The operator that receives the request for help then, will read as a first message the personal data of the applicant. Finally, at the end of the conversation, you can save the preservation itself by downloading a CSV file.

Module "Coupons per sconti" (e "Newsletter"). The use of coupons by users who come from newsletter DEM is now drawn. In this way, you can then send specific newsletters to users who have used (or not used) a certain discount coupon. Added then an advanced statistics system for displaying the trend of each discount coupon.

SEO improvements for "Courses" modules, "E-Commerce", "News" and "Cookie GDPR". Several and numerous SEO improvements made to these modules, from the most technical with replacements of Javascript libraries from heavy to read, up to the introduction of tags Schema.org properly. These changes will bring better positioning in search engines (like e.g. Google) for all platforms equipped with public e-commerce.

Module "Search engine". Optimized search functionality on words shorter than 5 characters, search now performing and functional even with these conformations.

Luca Sigalini
Development team

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