Update 1.7.001 of DynDevice now being released

New features and important enhancements in this 1.7 build 001 update of DynDevice, Mega Italia Media's training management system

Update 1.7.001 of DynDevice now being released

New features and important enhancements in this 1.7 build 001 update of DynDevice, Mega Italia Media's training management system

Today we initiated the release on the entire Mega Italia Media Cloud of version 1.7 build 001 of  DynDevice (training management system), a system equipped with  e-Learning platform, SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools), HR management, web content management and  company's intranet management.

The following release note lists and explains every enhancement introduced with this latest update.

DynDevice (core)

In order to better adapt to the new control panel background introduced with version 1.7 build 000, the system windows are now displayed with a slight transparency. This is to adapt DynDevice to the upcoming introduction by Microsoft of "fluent design system" in Windows™ 10.

The  button, which is displayed on the top-right corner in all system windows and opens the Assistance area of www.dyndevice.com, now leads to the new and updated position of the same page in the newly-created site dedicated to  DynDevice.

The result is an improvement in the setting up of functions within an activation which includes enhancements  1. Training management, 2. Course distribution o 3. Course creation: it is now possible to fully customise the platform by independently adding one or more of LCMS, RTC, Blended, Web-conference e/o Webinar.

 Solution 1. Training management, 2. Course distribution and 3. Course Creation (vers. 3.2.05)

"Dashboard" window. The option to display data from a different month in the "platform use" box has been added to the "Dashboard" window.

"Transfer enrolments" function. Now the transfer operation also transfers any related acceptance (by the administrator) of a report (RTC or otherwise).

Management of Other training. The option to import other training data (previous or unrelated to  DynDevice) via a CSV file. Within the file it is possible to specify which user the other training is to be assigned to as well as the name of any associated certificate/report files (the actual files will need to be manually uploaded via the system's "File manager" in the directory "_resources/files/lcms/previous_training/".

Displaying tests. The [Quiz] function of "Advanced tests" in the control panel now always displays questions and answers sorted by iId (exactly like on the learner side of the website when randomisation has been de-selected).

Separation of Name and Surname. Two new separate Name and Surname fields have been created and added to the "Full name" field (made of both name and surname as required by the SCORM™ format) in the learners' personal data. These are now the main name fields and will auto-compile the "Full name" field which, as a result, now appears in read-only mode in the "Create/edit learner" window.

Import of learners via CSV. The values of the "Association" drop-downs have been re-organised, with clear separation between learners' personal data fields and fields related to course enrolment. Moreover, in the second step of the process the values of the "Association" drop-downs are pre-selected according to the column name detected on the first line of the imported CSV file and the import process always retrieves correct users' data when these are enrolled in courses.

Solution 4. HR management (vers. 1.0.00)

The "Organization chart" window, which enables to display the company's organogram and quickly edit its structure via simple drag & drop operations, has been improved. The upload process is now considerably faster and less "demanding" for your browser.

Solution 5. e-Commerce and website (vers. 1.5.35)

The "Magazine" module, used to create a real on-line magazine in your website, has been extensively updated so as to make the output generated more up-to-date, responsive, compatible with the newest web standards and, at the same time, more compact.

Solution 6. Intranet (vers. 1.1.00)

Several aspects of the "Presence" modules have been improved, namely the function which enables to manage your employees' and consultants' attendance and show it in your intranet.

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