Latest DynDevice update with release 2.3.001

All solutions are affected by the enhancement introduced with the latest update of the SCORM™ editor and the e-Learning platform DynDevice.

Latest DynDevice update with release 2.3.001

All solutions are affected by the enhancement introduced with the latest update of the SCORM™ editor and the e-Learning platform DynDevice.

We have just released version 2.3 build 001 of  DynDevice on the whole Mega Italia Media cloud. DynDevice is the complete training management system equipped with 6 solutions:  e-Learning platform, SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools),  HR management web content management and  company intranet management

The following release note lists and explains the latest changes.

Solutions 1. Training management, 2. Course distribution and 3. Course creation (vers. 3.2.90)

New "transfer enrolments" feature (to merge multiple learners).
We have added a new "Transfer user data" tab to the "Enrolment Management" window. This feature enables you to transfer enrolments to e-Learning courses and all related usage data (use of learning objects, training contracts, certificates, advanced tests etc.) from one user to another. The form used to carry out this operation is made of two drop-down menus labeled "From" (to select the user whose data you wish to transfer) and "To" (to select the recipient), plus a table showing a preview of the data being transfered (according to the users selected).
The documents (certificates, reports, etc.) obviously won't be changed - since the aim of this feature is essentially to merge erroneously-duplicated users, only the username/ID to which documents are assigned will be modified.
If the two users involved in the transfer share some of their enrolments, these will not be transfered and will remain associated to the initial user selected in the "From" field.

Integration with the " Forum" module.
Integration with the "Forum" module of solution 5. e-Commerce and website has been enhanced. Discussions can now be linked to courses and/or group of learners as well as filtered by users and courses much more easily. Notification systems have been greatly improved and are now more customisable (in terms of both sending timing/parameters and content). Likewise, the module's default templates can be enhanced with new settings and are now more customisable.

"LCMS Scorm Player" module.
Content displayed on this module is now even more customisable thanks to new labels which can be edited from the control panel.

Solution 4. HR Management (vers. 1.0.10)

New field for users' personal data.
Two new fields have been added to associates' and learners' personal data: "Status changes" and "Planned medical visits". The former enables you to show any changes to an employee's availability status ("Unpaid leave", "Maternity" etc.), while the latter is used to include or exlcude (i.e. not consider) an employee in the section where Medical visits are managed.

Solution 5. e-Commerce and website (vers. 1.6.00)

"Login" system and module: The Single SignOn (SSO) via SAML function has been implemented in DynDevice.
 These are the changes:
• if the platform is set up so as to be equipped with SSO, the menu items in the "Login" module now also show the "SSO settings" option;
• in this new section you can adjust settings for Identity Provider connection, namely: the idp's address, its metadata in XML format and the name of the field to be used as username field by the idp. It is also possible to view metadata shown by the Service Provider;
• Two new screens have been added to the "Template Management" window, one to show the link to execute SSO, the other to show an error message when no user with the username entered during SSO is found in DynDevice's data tables;
• When logging in, if no user with the specified username is found, the error message will be shown, while if the username is found on DynDevice, the system will automatically login the related user to the platform.

No more conflicting sessions.
It is no longer possible to access the system simultaneously from two separate locations using the same login data:
• the "Login" module now has a new screen in "Template management" called "Other active sessions". This include the form to repeat the login process and a new hidden field named bForceLogoutOtherSession which is set on true;
• during login, just before initiating a new user session, the system checks whether the same username is already online from a different location. If bForceLogoutOtherSessionis active, the above scenario will occur; otherwise, the user from the other location will automatically be logged out and the new one logged in;

"Magazine" module.
These are the changes:
• Two new fields called Title and Description have been added to the articles. When filled in, they will be used in place of the automated compiling of <title> and <description>previously in use;

Other minor changes:
• when "Redirect HTTP -> HTTPS" is set on "No", that redirect is replaced with the "Error of protocol" page in the index.php which redirects to the default language, too.

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