Update 1.7.004 for LCMS and other solutions is being released

An important update for DynDevice, which as of today is equipped with new and important features.

Update 1.7.004 for LCMS and other solutions is being released

An important update for DynDevice, which as of today is equipped with new and important features.

We are now releasing version 1.7 build 004 of  DynDevice  (training management system),  the complete system equipped with  e-Learning platformSCORM™ editor(LCMS with authoring tools),  HR management web content management and  company intranet management.

The following release note lists and explains all improvements to the different solutions introduced by this latest update.

Solutions 1. Training management, 2. Course distribution and 3. Course creation (vers. 3.2.50)

Cisco WebEx® integration. You can now specify a Cisco WebEx® platform and enterprise account in the "platform options" window so as to integrate the web-conferencing service with the embedded DynDevice web-conference management. Once you have entered your WebEx® data, you can then select the location "Internet: web-conference with WebEx®" in the window for creating/editing a classroom / blended course session. When a session is confirmed on this location, DynDevice will automatically create a corresponding session (same name, date, start and finish time) in the WebEx® account specified in the platform options.
On the learner side, DynDevice will continue to manage the gathering of confirmations of attendance to the session and the emailing of reminders. Once the session starts, the system will show users the link to download and automatically start the WebEx® software, thereby allowing use of the web-conference on it.

"LCMS SCORM Player" check for irregular use:
• the check will no longer be performed in courses that do not have a predefined minimum duration;
• in the platform options, the "notify of irregular use" field has been added so that you can specify whether automatic notification emails are to be sent to the site's administrators, to specific email addresses (which are defined in the "Notification email for irregular use" field) or whether you wish to deactivate the check (and therefore disable all notifications);
• the check now only reports an anomaly if it detects that a learner has used a video-lesson for shorter than 60% of its duration.

"LCMS SCORM Player" iOS device optimization:
• on iOS devices only, when a user accesses a learning object, a word balloon now appears to communicate that the index on the left hand side must be hidden (using the dedicated button) in order to be able to scroll down the lesson's contents;
• we have solved the issue that was occasionally causing links to course certificates to not open correctly on iOS devices;

Dashboard. The number of active users shown in the "Platform usage" now retrieves the exact figure directly from the Cour Store ™.

Interruption of Mega Italia Media tutoring. The Mega Italia Media tutoring service for all platforms will not be available on August 14th, 2017. On that day, users will be notified by a notice displayed in the "LCMS SCORM Player" module.


Solution 4. HR management (vers. 1.0.02)

We have enhanced the functionality of "Training paths": the list of courses now also takes into account any enrolments that have been manually removed.
In addition, access to courses from the "Training path" is now path-dependant: courses must be completed in the right sequence in order to proceed along the path.
Finally, the expiration of course enrolments is now automatically postponed, when appropriate, based on the termination date of each course included in the training path.


Solution 5. e-Commerce and website (vers. 1.5.45)

Enhancements to existing modules:

"DynMaps" module: the "select/deselect all" option has been added to the filter boxes used to sift markers on a map.

"E-commerce" module. Split Payment is now also available for companies:
• the split playment system has been enabled for companies, too; all types of companies will now be able to select it as payment option;
• a new field for split payment confirmation has been added to the order confirmation form: if a company or public entity selects the split payment option, they will need to upload a PDF file to confirm their ability to carry out SP;
• several SEO optimizations have been performed in order to prevent Google from indexing links which are not used by the website.

"Share on YSN" module: the option to recall the number of Facebook shares has been modified so that it now refreshes the counter only once every hour: this was done to avoid overloading the Facebook server with requests and receiving incorrect information.

"Subscription" module: the [Forward login data] button has also been added to "User Management" in this module.


Solution 6. Intranet (vers. 1.2.00)

Several improvements have been applied to the "Project Management" module:
• in a project's schedule, the hours required by non-completed activities are now also displayed in addition to those required by completed activities;
• in the window for creating a "new activity", the flag "immediately notify employee of this activity" has been added so that, when selected, a notification email is sent to the employee;
• a new "commercial representative" field has been added to the window for creating and editing projects. A drop-down menu allows you to select one of the available "employees / consultants";
• it is now possible to add the "list of project activities" by clicking on a project's name in the "projects I'm working on" window;
• the "list of project activities" window has been modified so that access to the different activities is only allowed to the "project administrator" or to the specific users who are assigned to each activity. The "Employees' TODO | New | Edit | ..." is therefore only accessible by the "project administrator";
• in the "projects I'm working on" window each user will see the projects he/she is involved in as worker, "project administrator" or "commercial representative", while module administrators will be able to see all projects;
• an activity's description is now inserted with the visual editor and there are specific directories for each project;
• in the window which enables you to insert unplanned activities, the total number of added hours is now shown in the "completed unplanned activities" section;
• you can now link single project items to their relative cost.

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