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We have just completed the release on the whole Mega Italia Media cloud of version 1.7 build 003 of  DynDevice (training management system), the complete system equipped with  e-Learning platform, SCORM™ editor(LCMS with authoring tools), HR management, web content management and  company intranet management.

Here's a list of the new features introduced with the latest update.

Solutions 1. Training management, 2. Course distribution e 3. Course creation (vers. 3.2.15)

"LCMS™ SCORM Player" module.
• when an administrator call is received, the text now changes accordingly in addition to the activation of the [Answer] button;
• in the "keepalive" box displayed during a Scorm LO, a check is now carried out to verify the learner's usage time of his completed items which contain a video: if the learner has completed an item in a time shorter than the duration of the video, his/her subscription will automatically expire, he/she will be forced to go back to the course detail page and an email will be sent to the learner's group administrators and to to notify them of "irregular use" of a video lesson;
• in the "keepalive" box displayed during a Scorm LO, if a training plan with predefined access hours is assigned to a user's enrolment, the user will now be redirected to the course detail page if he/she is using a LO outside the authorized hours;
• "Optional" LOs, once a user has exceeded the minimum time required by a course, no longer count towards the completion percentage of that course.

"Group administrator" users.
• The "Import users via CSV" is now also accessible by "group administrator" users (but not by "read only" administrators ). The import process allows these users to insert / update only group users and enrolments to the courses for which they have managing rights. In addition, the import process now blocks the insertion of new learners / enrolments once the maximum number has been reached, either by platform administrators or "group administrator"-level users;
• The "List of groups" window is now also accessible by "group administrator" and "group administrator (read only)" users. These users will only be able to see the groups for which they have managing rights and the button "Subgroups" will be the only available feature ("Group administrators" will be allowed to create/modify/delete subgroups, while "read only" administrators will be able to see existing subgroups but not to edit them).

APIs of DynDevice LCMS
• The getMyCourses() function has been modified and now also recalls the price of each course (with the lowest level of discount);
• The optional parameter "sOrderCode" has been added to the putRegistration() function in order to specify the internal order code to be associated to a user's enrolment (if the order doesn't exist, the system creates it on the spot).

Management of classroom and/or blended courses. The duplication of a classroom course now also correctly duplicates the validity field.

LCMS filters for the "Newsletter" module. The problem caused by the wrong application of filters when selecting the "completed" option in the "enrolment status" field has been solved.

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