Release of DynDevice 4.3

DynDevice LMS (learning management system) is updated with version 4.3

Release of DynDevice 4.3

DynDevice LMS (learning management system) is updated with version 4.3

DynDevice LMS (learning management system) is updated with version 4.3 available on cloud by Mega Italia Media S.p.A. The update is rich and covers all 6 solutions that compose the system: we therefore strongly recommend the reading of this news.

The new 4.3 (LMS, learning management system), a system which includes platform, SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools), management web content management and company intranet management, has been released.

The following release note lists and explains all the latest changes grouped by solution.

DynDevice (core) (ver. 4.3)

"List" mask with buttons [Up] and [Down]. The "List" type masks with buttons [Up] and [Down] useful for sorting the existing records, are now equipped with drag & drop functionality to perform the same operation in a much more intuitive and rapid way.

Solutions 1. Training management, 2. Course distribution and 3. Course creation (vers. 4.3.00)

Micro learning. In the solution 3. Course creation the new section "Micro learning editor" has been added with which to create e-Learning contents in pills in an extraordinarily fast, intuitive and easy way to make them available to the learners.
The operation can be easily done also by the DynDevice app: you can create micro learning contents video, audio, image galleries, file downloads in few seconds, with immediate publication.

Improvements to the Course Editor. Several improvements to the editor of courses and learning objects that now by default no longer proposes any restriction in the use of the e-Learning courses produced (previously, by default, the restrictions were instead enabled). This makes the editor of courses and learning objects easier to use even for content authors who do not need specific viewing limits.

New model for learning objects. A new graphical default model has been introduced for learning objects (responsive) equipped with new options useful for improving usability and use methods.With this model, the videos inserted can be in fullscreen upon user request, or even automatically when the device is rotated in case of use by smarthphones.

Improvements to learner scenario usability.Several graphic and usability improvements have been included to the learner scenario: the changes have touched the "Gamification", "Community", and the list of courses exposed by the "LCMS Player" module.In particular in the latter, the information of each course is now more comprehensible and more readily accessible as well as for the groupings of courses of the same type (training course or section).

Improvements for classroom sessions / blended courses.
Numerous new options have been added to manage classroom / blended course sessions:
• added a new "Attendance Register" tab with the "Content" field (visual editor) to customize the template used to generate the attendance register (which therefore no longer depends on the "Attendance Register" template in the form "List of models "). Through the new "Format" field it is possible to establish whether the PDF register should be generated with the new PDF generator (with support for HTML5 / CSS / UTF-8) or not;
• in the "Presence register" tab there is now also the "Generate attendance register" field which allows you to establish whether the attendance register is to be generated for a session. If set to "No" the session will not require the signed register uploading and its approval, thus allowing users to continue during the course as soon as their presence has been recorded (and any associated report uploaded and approved);
• added the new fields "Enable session freeze" and "Days for freeze" which allow you to establish whether the session should go into freeze status or not and how many days before the start date the freeze period begins. If set to "No" the session will never enter the freeze state and it will be possible to confirm it and enroll new users in the course at any time, without having to wait for any predefined period;
• the "Days for freeze" field in the "Platform Options" mask has been removed as it is now possible to manage the freeze period for each session;
• added the fields "Send reminder for confirmation of participation" and "Days for reminder of confirmation" that allow to establish if and how many days before the start date of a session the notification must be sent "(D) Classroom session confirmation" to members who have not yet confirmed their participation in the session;
• added the fields "Send session reminder" and "Days reminder session" which allow to establish if and how many days before the start of a session the notification "(D) Logistic data reminder" should be sent to users who have confirmed their participation in the session;
• notifications of "Logistic session information in the classroom" and "(D) Logistic data reminder" now include an iCalendar attachment (* .ics file) to allow users to save the date and time of the session in their calendar ;
• it is now possible to create customizations for the notifications of "(D) Classroom session confirmation" and "(D) Logistics data reminder" in the "Notification management" screen => "Personalize group or course";
• added the new type of session "Internet: web-conference with Google Meet" which allows you to enjoy the session in a web-conference via the Google Meet cloud service. Before the session start time, the teacher will then have to log in to his Google Suite account to allow the session scheduling on Google Meet;
• addition of new configurable options for Webex sessions: "Allow participants video transmission", "Show full participants list", "Enable chat", "Enable file transfer", "Allow participants to record session".

Improved support for the LTI standard. Support has been added to the "Basic Outcomes Service" which allows to transmit and/or receive a score linked to the completion of the activities used through the standard LTI standard (Learning Tools Interoperability). DynDevice supports both the receipt of the score (when an LTI content is used on DynDevice), and the sending of the score (when the DynDevice courses are used via an LTI access on another LMS system).

Export training report.
Added the possibility, in addition to running of the report in real time, to schedule the execution of a report with relative sending via e-Mail. The scheduling can also be recurrent.

History of the trainer data. Every change made on the "Data subject trainers" is now kept in a history and the archive remains available as "read only".Documents such as certificates and minutes that are eliminated and then reissued because they had e.g. the data of the learner not correctly entered, are now reissued with the historical "data subject trainers" who were present at the original date of issue of the document to be reissued.

Document history (certificates and minutes). Each certificate or report that is deleted is now moved to a special archive section in order to maintain a platform record.

  Solution 4. HR management (vers. 2.1.00)

Concatenated tasks. Added the possibility to "chain" the tasks with each other, and make sure that the courses carried out to fulfill the duties of a job (eg job update "Preposti") can cover the obligations of another job too (eg "Workers" update).

Report on mandatory courses. Significantly improved the algorithm that generates missing or expired mandatory course reports: report made more readable and with more than tripled generation speed.

Partial courses. Improvements have been introduced to the "Course Linker" objects with which it is possible to "join" several partial courses in a single course that gives rise to a single certificate considering the sum of all the partial courses together as regards data such as the total time of use, date start, end date, etc.

Mask for visualizing gaps and medical examinations. Introduced the new "GAP Display" form which, in list mode, allows intuitively viewing the missing or expired courses related to the duties required for the tasks. Other improvements were then made to the masks that expose the medical visits.

Solution 5. e-Commerce and web-site management (vers. 2.1.00)

Modules "Courses" and "E-Commerce". The possibility of selling (and purchasing) a course in addition to standard mode in LTI mode has also been added, so that it can then be used on other platforms that support the protocol itself.
The purchase of a course in LTI mode does not involve the inclusion of registration forms but rather involves the auto-generation of an LTI access which will be registered in solution 3 and sent via e-Mail attaching the CSV file containing the accesses.
Added support to various variables with which it is possible to present the course contents such as the number of learning objects, tests, certificates, duration in hours and validity in years.
Made numerous tricks in terms of usability and use, especially when importing registration cards via CSV files.
Finally, two new "Section List" and "Section Detail" scenarios were added, as well as support for new variables that can be used to display the sections and categories of courses.

Module "Magazine". A verification has been introduced on the dimensions of the image that you want to insert in an article showing an error message if the ratio between height and width of the same exceeds the value of 1.91.

Module "Chat for assistance". The chat auto-open has been implemented if the number of available operators is equal to 1 and the chat on which the user is located from other possible open chats has also been differentiated (so as to allow easy identification).
The sound upon arrival of a notification is now interrupted after 3 repetitions for each message received.

Module "Calendar and Events". When a course is shown on a specific date and the user in question is logged in as a learner but is not enrolled in the course, he is redirected to the course details of the module " HRMS Courses Exposer". If the user is instead enrolled in the course, he is redirected to the details of the course of the public "E-Commerce" module.

Module "DT-Form". Made a minor fix to allow a better auto-compilation of the Address type fields through the position returned by Google.

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