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New major update for the e-Learning platform DynDevice

12/09/2017 - We have now completed the latest major release for DynDevice - the e-Learning platform with several interchangeable solutions delivering cost-effective management of every aspect of staff training!

We have now completed the distribution of version 2.0 build 000 of  DynDevice (training management system) on the whole Mega Italia Media cloud. DynDevice is a training platform equipped with solutions  e-Learning platform, SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools),  HR management web content management and  company intranet management.

The following release note lists and explains the main enhancements introduced with this latest major update.

DynDevice (core)
This major release of  DynDevice TMS carries a number of "invisible" performance-enhancing changes as it has been worked on by the whole Mega Italia Media technical department for the last few months. Our programmers have dedicated most of their efforts to the development of the kernel version 2.0: this is why the latest DynDevice is 30% more powerful than its previous version.

Among the many important innovations brought upon by this update, here's a list of changes involving the visual editor:
  • the visual editor has been updated to the latest available version;

  • the "PowerPaste" plugin (to paste content from external software) has been updated to the latest available version;

  • the "disable source code cleaning" option has been updated so that, when it is enabled, no tag is removed/added/modified when HTML code is inserted manually;

  • the "Use HTML 4" function has been added so that the editor can be programmed to save HTML code in version 4;
Some graphical improvements are also visible:
  • The following components are now shown in DynDevice TMS's blue:

    • pop-up alerts on the bottom right of the screen;
    • proxy backgrounds when opening, minimizing and resizing a window;

    • dialogue windows such as "Save changes?";

    • option buttons on all types of windows.

  • The boxes where users enter their email and password to log in to the control panel have been widened so that the head icon does not cover the input text. This image and the lock icon have been changed from black to light blue. Likewise, the login background and the index.php pre-login boxes are now light blue.
We have also updated the user guide, which is now available in multiple languages; therefore, if you open the online guide from a DynDevice control panel with English as set language, its English version will now automatically launch.

Development team

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