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Introducing major release 2.3 for DynDevice

18/01/2018 - The first release of 2018 focuses on additions to the interface and enhanced security

Version 2.3 build 000 of  DynDevice has just been made available throughout the Mega Italia Media cloud. DynDevice is the complete training management system equipped with 6 different cloud solutions:  e-Learning platform, SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools),  HR management web content management and  company intranet management.

The following release note lists and explains the latest changes.

DynDevice (core) (vers. 2.3)

Changes to the interface.
• the background has been changed to a wintery image;
• the dark bar on the left can now be "closed" so it only uses 35px as opposed to 136px as per previous versions, according to the following rules:
    o the progress upload bar turns into NUM%;
    o the vertical tabs drop their labels and only show the first letter of the same;
    o the action/paging buttons are placed one above the other;
• the lists now show a pie chart for the first two boolean or list fields in the left column (when fully open);
• the window that displays news related to DynDevice updates has been modified: we have added an auto-play video which grabs readers' attention and disappears when finished;

Changes to "Parameter management".
• you can now set up a page in the tree for standard server errors: 400, 401, 403, 404, 500, 501, 502; the browser will then redirect users to the related page(s) instead of showing the error page;
• a new parameter has been added, namely "Redirect HTTP -> HTTPS" with "Yes / No" values and "Yes" as default value. The field is only editable if the site's domain begins with "https://". When "No" is selected the system does not automatically redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, instead displaying a message which invites users to input the URL with HTTPS;

Security enhancements.
• when the daemon moves Mega Italia Media-authored learning objects in the "shared" section, it also replaces the "../css/standard.css" string in their HTML code with the complete path using HTML from the shared;
• the "Login", "DT-Form", "DT-Updater", "Commenti" and "E-Commerce" modules have been modified so as to take advantage of the CSRF protection system: in the form creation phase, a random key is generated and then sent with the form's data; when processing the data, the key sent by the form will be examined in order to protect the user's identity.

Solutions 1. Training management, 2. Course distribution and 3. Course creation (vers. 3.2.80)

Advanced tests.
• when carrying out a test with a set time limit, automatic user disconnection for inactivity (no mouse or keyboard actions) has been disabled. An alert is now displayed if users try to exit the test before keying in the answers (e.g. by clicking "back" on the browser);
• the time required for the completion of advanced tests is now taken into account when generating signature sheets connected to training plans;
• the option to set texts for labels related to advanced tests has been added to the "Label management" window of the "LCMS Scorm Player" module;
• Some specific CSS classes have been added to labels displayed in the "LCMS Scorm Player" module and related to advanced tests, so that they can now be hidden or format-edited.

Pre-enrolment management.
A new "Pre-enrolment" section is available in the "List of courses" window if activated in the "Platform options" section ("Enable pre-enrolments" setting). Pre-enrolling enables you to store a reference to a user and a specific course (in which the user is to be enrolled) and activate it (i.e. actually enrol the user in the course) at a later stage. The "Pre-enrolment list" window enables you to display all registered pre-enrolment ordered by time of creation and includes buttons for creating, modifying and activating them.

Minor changes and bug-fix.
• The issue of certain buttons in the "Action Center" not opening the corresponding "Notice management" window has been fixed;
• The issue of the "Overall stats" window occasionally showing an incorrect count of user enrolments has been fixed.

Development Team

18/11/2017 - Update 2.1.002 for solutions LMS (1, 2 and 3) and wCMS (5)
The latest update to be released on the Mega Italia Media cloud carries several changes.
31/10/2017 - Autumn update for DynDevice with major release 2.1
Refreshed appearance for all DynDevice suite solutions results in increased work area and usability
03/10/2017 - Update 2.0.003 for solutions LMS and wCMS
The latest update introduces a new feature for building advanced tests
19/09/2017 - Update 2.0.001 for LMS, wCMS and other solutions now released
The first update for series 2.x of DynDevice includes, among the more substantial improvements, integration with Magento
12/09/2017 - New major update for the e-Learning platform DynDevice
We have now completed the latest major release for DynDevice - the e-Learning platform with several interchangeable solutions delivering cost-effective management of every aspect of staff training!
15/07/2017 - Update 1.7.004 for LCMS and other solutions is being released
An important update for DynDevice, which as of today is equipped with new and important features.
05/07/2017 - Update 1.7.003 for the e-Learning platform and content management system now released
Introducing new features of the SCORM™ editor and the e-Learning platform of DynDevice.
21/06/2017 - Update 1.7.02 for the e-Learning platform and content management systenm
Further enhancements available for theSCORM™ editor, e-Learning platform and the CMS embedded in DynDevice.
13/06/2017 - Update 1.7.001 of DynDevice now being released
New features and important enhancements in this 1.7 build 001 update of DynDevice, Mega Italia Media's training management system
20/02/2017 - 3.1.35 version of e-learning platform and Scorm™ Editor about to be released
After completion of all the standard in-depth qualitative tests, the new 3.1.35 version of the dyndevice lcms e-learning platform with scorm editor and authoring tools has now been released for distribution.
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