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What impact is the COVI-19 crisis having on learning and business development?

According to the Fosway study 95% of training directors say that because of the crisis brought by COVID-19, training will no longer be the same.

In this regard, the infographic below takes up the points made by David Wilson, an expert in the field who dealt with the subject at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2020. In particular:

  • In response to the pandemic, training priorities and strategy have changed for 94% of organisations. Two out of three companies said they have made significant changes to their training practices.
  • There has been a general shift towards online training, with increased spending in almost all areas of digital, content-driven training. 82% reported that demand for digital learning has increased by senior stakeholders, while 71% reported an increase in demand for digital learning content by learners themselves.
  • Regarding eLearning at the time of the COVID-19 crisis, video content is the most popular in organisations, closely followed by content curation and mobile learning. Tailor made e-learning, off-the-shelf courses and blended learning are reported as less effective.
  • As people get used to working remotely and in virtual teams, collaboration is increasingly becoming a priority. 84% of training managers believe that it is very important to integrate digital learning into different business platforms.


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