e-Learning: the trends of 2019

8 trends that will develop in 2019. What are the key trends to watch over the next year?

e-Learning: the trends of 2019

8 trends that will develop in 2019. What are the key trends to watch over the next year?

Let's take a look at the main eLearning trends for 2019.

1. Adaptive learning

In 2019 Adaptive learning will take further steps forward in the e-learning market. Students will appreciate the learning process with personalized content. Using effective assessments, students can skip content in which they feel confident and focus on content that they want to learn more.
LMSs are slowly gearing up to compete with platforms that offer adaptive learning. So this will be an important and interesting trend to keep an eye on in the next year.

2. Microlearning

Microlearning has been a strong trend in 2018, but will continue to be so in 2019 and beyond. Organizations consider microlearning a great way to implement learning in small modules that are easily usable and distributed within organizations. A great advantage of microlearning is that it can be implemented on any device.

3. Artificial intelligence and assistance to the student

Artificial intelligence will be used to predict student behaviour and to help personalize learning. A better personalization of the training will be obtained based on precise data such as the modules used by the students and the difficulties faced. In addition, robots that respond to voice commands will help students with special needs to learn new skills or, more simply; help all students to search for specific content within the modules.

4. Gamification and learning based on the game

It is proven that gamification improves the storage and application rates of the learned contents. To better engage their students, organizations are increasingly looking to game-based learning.

5. Augmented, Virtual, Mixed Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are both growing rapidly as important ways of implementing learning content. The biggest advantage of Augmented and Virtual reality is that it is the experience itself enjoyed by students that helps them to better connect to content. The novelty lies in the new mode called Mixed Reality (MR) that combines AR and VR.

6. Video-based learning

Whether it is classroom training interspersed with video or it is e-Learning training, videos are widely used training tools. At the moment, the focus is on reducing the loading time and the size of the videos. Video-based learning will continue to grow and will be an important trend to watch out for.

7. Social learning

Social learning involves collaboration between individuals in the workplace through various modalities, such as forums and chats. With the development of new collaborative tools, social learning will continue to grow and have an increasing impact.

8. Content

What will 2019 reserve for content curation and for the delivery of just-in-time information to students? LMS will continue to evolve and offer content curation as a way to share information and provide the right experience to students.

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