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Mega Italia Media's 4.6 build 000 version of DynDevice LMS, is about to start spreading in the whole Mega Italia Media cloud. It's a system equipped with an e-Learning platform, SCORM™ editor (LCMS with authoring tools), staff/HR management functionalities and advanced customization possibilities through the CMS extension.

The following release note shows all the improvements made by the new update.


Improvements to webconference sessions. Here are the simplifications introduced for web-conferences:
• If necessary, before generating and signing the attendance log, session teachers and DynDevice LMS administrators now have the possibility to change participants' entry and exit times from the web-conference;
• Teachers and participants in a session now have a button available to copy the access link to the course page to the clipboard of their system. This functionality is useful to quickly access the session via another device (e.g. by sending the access link from your PC to your smartphone);
• It is now possible to set up a global Google Suite account on the platform, so that all sessions delivered via Google Meet automatically use this account (without having to request this information from the session teacher);
• When the teacher starts a session delivered with Google Meet, the Google login form is now shown first with the account data already pre-filled with full session management rights within Google Meet;
• Session teachers and DynDevice LMS administrators have the new "copy link" and "copy UID" entries available to obtain the parameters needed to configure the "DynDevice Assistance for Meet" extension installed in your browser;
• you can now set up a global GoToWebinar account on the platform. Each time you use the "New / Edit Session" mask in DynDevice LMS the corresponding session is immediately created and/or updated in GoToWebinar using the global account;
• you can now set the email addresses of "GoToWebinar Organizers" on the platform. The day before a session with GoToWebinar, an email notification will be sent to the organizers with the link to start the session. Additionally, organizers will be notified if they need to reconfigure their global GoToWebinar account on the platform.

Zucchetti Infinity Learning Solution Integration. DynDevice LMS now supports the REST API required to integrate with Zucchetti Infinity Learning Solution software. Through the API it is now possible to enroll DynDevice LMS users to courses, retrieve the status of a course and register the completion of a course in Infinity.


E.C.M. Support ("Erogazione Continua Medicina"). With the following new features, DynDevice LMS now allows the construction and delivery of courses with full support to the national E.C.M. standard.
• In the "New / Advanced test edit" mask the option "Delete LO in case of failed test" is now available. If enabled, users will be obliged to completely repeat the content just before the test in case they don't reach the minimum score;
• In the "Edit item" mask of a learning object the option "Enable quiz for user presence control" is now available. If enabled, during the use of the item at random intervals (adjustable with the options "Minimum minutes" and "Maximum minutes") users will be shown a question (randomly drawn from the list of questions inserted in the item) to answer. If users don't answer or select the wrong answer, they will be forced to resume the video included in the content of the item from the beginning;
• In the content of the certificates, the variables [YEARS-COURSE-VALIDITY] e [COURSE-VALIDITY-DEADLINE].

Luca Sigalini
Developer team

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