DynDevice 4.5 news for webconference and so much more more

DynDevice LMS (learning management system) is about to receive an important new update, which will reach version 4.5 within a few hours: news for webconference and other solutions.

DynDevice 4.5 news for webconference and so much more more

DynDevice LMS (learning management system) is about to receive an important new update, which will reach version 4.5 within a few hours: news for webconference and other solutions.

Mega Italia Media is currently distributing to all its cloud the 4.5 build 001 version of DynDevice (training management system), which is a system that features   e-Learning platform, editor SCORM™ (LCMS con authoring tools),  HR management web content management corporate intranet management.

The following release note shows all the improvements made by the update describing all solutions one by one.

DynDevice (core)

Internationalization of the FunStore. The FunStore, i.e. the shop at DynDevice where the administrator can independently activate features missing in its activation or increase the limits of use of those already present, has now been made perfectly international and usable also for non-European activations.

Soluzioni 1. Training management, 2. Course delivery e 3. Creation of courses (vers. 3.2.05)

Improvements to webconference sessions. The update brings several and numerous improvements to the support and management of web-conference sessions of blended courses. The main ones are:
• Added integration with GoToWebinar LogMeIn software so that webinar sessions created and managed with DynDevice, and included in the relevant blended courses, can then be carried out with your GoToWebinar external software (support is added to Cisco WebEx™ and/or Google Hangouts Meet);
• Exact tracking of the presence of users in the webconference, with identification of access and exit and appropriate tracking. Automatic marking of those who are present for the generation of registers;
• Simplification of the document management of a webconference with the possibility of using the register only in electronic mode, with the teacher's signature affixed via mouse or touch device (thus bypassing: printing, manual signature, scanning, reloading on the platform, and administrator approval);
• rearrangement of the option buttons in the "Session List" window for greater understanding and quicker and easier use;

Funded training for blended courses. Data and document management support for external funded training is now also extended to classroom/blended/webconference courses. It will therefore be possible to generate all the required documents and manage the data in depth for blended courses as well as for e-Learning courses as it has already been possible. Reports and signature sheets of courses with webconference automatically display the access and exit of users in the web-conference, appropriately calculating the time of stay.

"Download certificates" Functionality. By using this functionality, the "start of course track" will no longer be automatically entered for users whose certificate you try to download, but who had never had access to the course. By downloading the certificates for blended courses, it will then be possible to automatically rename them, as was already the case for e-Learning courses.

Importing external LO. Starting from this version it is no longer possible to import into DynDevice learning object with the word "_test" in the name/path (in order to avoid automatic deletions: "_test" is used by the e-Learning platform to identify automatically generated packages for testing purposes only).

Time spent in learning objects. Added a new tracking system to track the dwell time of a user in a LO parallel to the existing one. This allows for an even more accurate verification even for learning objects that do not communicate to the LMS in a correct or standard way about the time spent in the learning objects.

Soluzione 4. HR management (vers. 1.0.00)

Alternative types of visits. A system has been added to declare the types of medical examinations "as an alternative" to each other. So, It will be possible to establish for a worker several different tasks, with different types of examinations linked. And that, if necessary, one type of examination for one task may also lead (when performed) to health coverage for another type of examination, and consequently for another task.

E-Mail notifications. E-Mail notifications related to medical examinations can now be differentiated by typology thanks to the introduction of new HTML tags <if...> e </if...>.

List of "Expiring examinations". With the new option "Exclude users with movement" you can exclude from the list the display of users who have set a movement.

Soluzione 5. e-Commerce and website (vers. 2.3.00)

"FB-Connector" Tool. The code with which DynDevice interacts with Facebook has been updated to use the latest official API.

"Courses (filters)" Module. Starting from this update you will be able to use this module parallel to the "Courses" module, which allows you to filter the categories, possible sub-categories, price and duration of the courses to get the list according to the user's preferences.
Through the use of the control panel you can add and/or modify a specific filter, view the list of filters created or available and change the appearance (the template) with which the module is displayed.

"Chat for assistance" Module. A minor fix has been made so that the chat does not open automatically anymore as it did in really sporadic cases depending on the configuration of some sites/platforms.

"DT-Form" Module. The "opt-in destination" field has been made multi-lingual and at the time of opt-in confirmation the form will retrieve the language of the page from which you subscribed to the newsletter, and redirect you to the page with the correct language.

"E-Commerce" Module. Improvements in the display of payment methods: Users' browsing language is now respected for payment methods available in multiple languages/geographical areas.

"Share On Your Social Network" Module. The option to share content with "Google +" has been removed. The option to share the content of a news item has been added.

Soluzione 6. Intranet (vers. 2.0.10)

"ICMS Resources" Module. You can now specify an image for each resource that you create or modify. It will then be shown both in the list of all resources available for booking and in detail for their booking.

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