Create a company Intranet

With DynDevice LMS you can create a corporate intranet to manage employee collaboration and communication.

The DynDevice LMS platform allows you to:

  • Manage projects and work orders, with deadlines, workers involved, resources, etc.;
  • Organize video/audio/chat meetings via web involving up to 250 employees simultaneously;
  • Create shared progress and company discussions;
  • Distribute pay slips and create an archive of all the coupons given;
  • Manage attendance, leave, overtime and travel;
  • Use the download area to share company documents.

What are the benefits of a corporate intranet?

A corporate intranet is a strategic tool for collecting, managing and distributing business information and improving business processes.

A corporate intranet such as DynDevice's allows you to:

  • Encourage communication within the company;
  • Improve employee collaboration;
  • Simplify the search for information;
  • Have complete, real-time control over ongoing activities and deadlines;
  • Bring together employees from different locations or working in smart working through online meetings;
  • Informed organizational processes, resulting in cost and time savings;
  • Share group and personal documents;
  • Develop the corporate culture.