Manage training

The DynDevice LMS platform allows you to fully organize and manage all your corporate eLearning, classroom and blended training.

Thanks to DynDevice LMS you can in fact:

  • Manage course registrations (online, classroom and blended), also through massive imports and scheduled mailings;
  • Manage locations and lecturers, and book classrooms;
  • Create and customize training certificates, which are automatically issued at the end of the courses and sent to participants;
  • Create a documental archive of all company training (certificates, minutes, training contracts, etc.), both those carried out with DynDevice and those previously uploaded;
  • Monitor training deadlines in a precise and unique way.

What are the advantages of managing company training with DynDevice LMS?

The DynDevice LMS platform simplifies the management of your company's training and allows you to:

  • Centrally and comprehensively manage all company training (online, classroom and blended);
  • Have a unique, organized and easily accessible repository of all company training documentation.