Create customized courses

With DynDevice LMS you can create specific training courses (eLearning or blended) for your company based on your training needs.

The DynDevice LMS platform allows you to:

  • Easily create eLearning courses with the advanced SCORM or xAPI editor, even by importing external files;
  • Mount slides synchronized with videos using simple masks and drag & drop operations;
  • Manage the navigation sequence between the various sections of the course (for example, to inhibit access to certain sections if certain objectives have not been reached or to set the mandatory repetition of sections if minimum objectives have not been reached);
  • To generate even complex evaluation quizzes;
  • Create and publish in a few minutes, also via app, microlearning courses with video, audio, text, images and files;
  • Use self-transcription of video and audio content in your courses to ensure accessibility and improve search engine indexing;
  • Perform video call testing and verification without installing third-party software;
  • Create and distribute web conferences and webinars directly within your eLearning platform;
  • Manage in a complete way all the company training also through the organization of calendars and the availability of offices and teachers, the management of registration processes and documents related to the course (minutes, attendance records, etc.) and the generation of certificates.

What are the advantages of creating personalized courses?

Creating personalized courses allows you to optimize your investment in training thanks to the possibility of:

  • Create customized training courses aimed at specific and real business needs;
  • Use case histories and examples that are part of the company's experience;
  • Use the teaching methodologies and formats that best suit the company and the staff to whom the course is addressed;
  • Carefully select the contents by inserting only what is really useful for the training of your employees;
  • Distribute the courses on other DynDevice platforms and on third party platforms compatible with the LTI protocol;
  • Have total control over the programming and management of the courses.