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Distance learning is not new, but the Coronavirus pandemic is certainly contributing to its spread in very different fields and contexts.

According to data provided by Global Market Insights, by 2025 the distance learning market will reach $300 billion, with annual growth of 7% from 2019 to 2025.

A strong international boom, therefore, which offers companies the opportunity to reinvent themselves and base their strategies on the training and development of their internal resources.

Let's see in the infographic what are the characteristics of distance learning and what are the future prospects of this specific training mode.

eLearning in support of company training

Online learning offers a wide range of benefits both to users of the courses and to educators and companies who use them.

72% of companies believe that eLearning gives a competitive advantage. Every dollar invested in eLearning increases business productivity by $30.

Mobile Learning

67% of companies use mobile learning. Mobile learning gives users the freedom to enjoy content whenever and wherever they want.

Immersive technologies

The immersive technologies help eliminate distractions and improve user engagement. 89% of educators are interested in using augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

Infographics taken from elearninginfographics

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