The DynDevice LMS 6.1 e-Learning platform is in the testing phase

Version 6.1 of the DynDevice LMS learning management system is about to be released and made available across the Mega Italia Media cloud!

The DynDevice LMS 6.1 e-Learning platform is in the testing phase

Version 6.1 of the DynDevice LMS learning management system is about to be released and made available across the Mega Italia Media cloud!

It will start tomorrow, and will last until June 9 the final test and roll-out in the cloud of Mega Italia Media major release 6.1 of DynDevice LMS. Learning management system which is equipped with e-learning platform, SCORM™editor (LCMS with advanced authoring tools), personnel/employee/HR management functionality and very advanced customization possibilities via the CMS web extension (with e-commerce sales, and professional email marketing capabilities and other modes).

The following release notes expose all the improvements made by the new update.


Reduced the launch times of background operations, to which several "heavy actions" have been moved (already since version 6.0).The new tasks take up to a maximum of 5 seconds to start, instead of up to 60 seconds in the previous version.

File manager of system. DynDevice LMS has been equipped with a new file manager, which is now uniquely and consistently employed in all scenarios where a file manager is needed. And therefore in selecting a file, recalling images or media in the visual editor, attaching attachments to newsletters or selecting the videos of a learning object.
The functions available in the new file manager are the most traditional and typical, such as the possibility of uploading files via drag & drop, new visible information for the various objects (date and time of last modification, weight of the file), possibility of accessing the editors of DynDevice LMS (for videos, images and CSS files), etc.
Through the file manager it will then be possible to unpack ZIP files loaded on the server disk, or vice versa to compact several files already present.

Il nuovo file manager di DynDevice 6.1

Mobile use. Numerous improvements have been made in using the system from smartphones and mobile devices in general, including the display of list-type masks in landscape mode.

Newsletter to administrators in the control panel. DynDevice LMS administrators receive numerous informative newsletters from Mega Italia Media and course authors . About DynDevice LMS news, news about the availability of new courses, news about e-learning and training in general, invitations to webinars, etc. With all this information, however, and with all the emails you receive daily, it happened that something was lost. 
For this reason, since version 6.1 DynDevice LMS is equipped with an internal viewer of the newsletters sent to the administrator who logged into the control panel: in this way, all important information will remain stored and easily accessible. Although maybe, one of them had been mistakenly deleted from your email client. 

Le newsletter mostrate dentro DynDevice<span id=

New system access page. The system access page for "advanced" users who have more instant management, now has a new, more contemporary, accessible, immediate and easy to use graphics even from mobile devices. 

White labeling of the control panel. One of the main strengths of DynDevice LMS, has always been the possibility of customizing the layout of the e-learning platforms regarding the area of use of the courses dedicated to learners. 


Publication of courses in the CourStore, and newsletters. The process of publishing courses in CourStore¹ has been made simpler, more immediate, and with support for new background operations, even more immediate. In addition, it is now possible to determine for the course author whether to notify immediately or in an aggregated way the platform administrators of the availability of the new course (or update). Taking advantage of the new mode "in aggregate mode", platform administrators will receive a single evening email where they are exposed all updates or new courses released throughout the day. Instead, perhaps, numerous separate communications. 

Opening the control panel from the  CourStore™.
When the administrator receives the aggregated newsletter that communicates the news of courses released in the CourStore, he can access the website to view all the details of the release notes. From this page then, by clicking [Install], you can (after entering your credentials) access your DynDevice LMS, find the CourStore¹ open in the correct page, and proceed to the installation of the course. 
Inoltre, quando un amministratore accede al pannello di controllo, se (rispetto al login precedenti) nel CourStore sono presenti un maggior numero di corsi o di aggiornamenti installabili, il CourStore stesso si apre automaticamente. Mettendo in evidenza le novità.

Rename the certificates. The possibility of renaming the certificates has been improved, both when downloaded from the "ZIP Certificates" mask and when attached to e-mail notifications sent to learners. 

Management of signature sheets. It is now available a new management of the generated signature sheets for each subscription, with the possibility to search and view the signature sheets for all users and courses on the platform, and delete them (keeping a copy of the document in a historical archive) and regenerate them. 

Improvements to  Live Training. Since version 6.1 of DynDevice LMS, when the teacher accesses the call he immediately displays the participant management window. In addition, you can view the results of the "Advanced Tests" directly from the call interface, immediately. 


Tools for testing learning objects . New tools available for testing LOs created with the DynDevice LMS  SCORM™ editor useful for: 
  • force the completion of one or more items
  • or on the contrary to reset the use of learning objects in the test phase
  • perform the  LTI content   test
Import of learning object. Supported by new jobs in fast background, it is possible from this version to simultaneously import up to ten learning objects (via massive upload). 

Data of the author’s training subject . Added the possibility, for the authors of the courses they publish in the CourStore, to use an extra set of variables and not modifiable by the platform administrators, for the data of the training subject. 


Management of worker certifications. In addition to the e-Learning or blended training courses on occupational and non-occupational safety, financed or not by external bodies, the function useful for managing certifications has finally been added to DynDevice LMS. With all the correct documentation, and of course an advanced management also of the respective deadlines.


Filling out the registration forms. The process of filling in the registration forms when ordering from the e-Commerce has been simplified: for each registration purchased, the details of the person and the activation status of the registration are immediately displayed.
Then the details are compiled in the same form (via a pop-up) without moving the user to a new scenario. Dozens of other simplifications were then included.

Support for foreign customers in order confirmation. Added support for external purchases in the e-Commerce order confirmation form. It is now possible to enter the foreign country and city in the "Born in" field, and for foreign customers the controls typical of the Italian tax code and VAT number format do not apply. In any case, the insertion of the "tax code" is requested.

Statistics in e-Commerce. Added a new statistics panel for orders collected with your e-Commerce system (also including product sales statistics).

Filters in the "Calendar" module. New features in the "Calendar" module used for displaying courses in the classroom: filters are now available for the user who consults the calendar, so that he can only view the courses of real interest to him.

Duplication of contents. Providing a functionality with which you can easily and quickly copy content such as "data tables", pages, etc.
Luca Sigalini
Development Team

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