DynDevice European Distributors Campaign

Spread the eLearning potential in your country.
DynDevice LMS is looking for national distributors in Europe.

eLearning is needed everywhere, but we can’t reach everyone. For this reason we want to offer a business opportunity to companies who want to work with us in the development of our network.

Join our team, increase your revenues faster and help your customers do better business. Network with us!

Our Distributor is:

a company with a good level of technical expertise on IT and eLearning solutions, who can represent us in the territory. They will buy the SaaS modules of the platform and sell them to their customers

A Distributor earns...

the margin between the purchase and the selling price for each module.

The activity of a Distributor

Proposal of DynDevice LMS to their customers, following of the whole sales process and granting after sales assistance

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We provide the Distributor with:

  • All needed training on technical and commercial aspects, supporting their efforts when necessary
  • Customized and localized LMS Demo platform
  • Technical training in the use of the platform
  • Commercial training to effectively propose the platform
  • Promotional materials, such as brochures, commercial info, videos and images for marketing and communication

With DynDevice LMS every company can:

  • Improve corporate training
  • Manage e-Learning, classroom and blended training
  • Create, deliver and monitor training
  • Easily create eLearning courses with the advanced SCORM editor or xAPI

Our current distributors are present in:

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform guarantees high technological standard, maximum system reliability and data security. The system is delivered in SaaS and relies on computer infrastructures that are adequately structured (24/7 continuity of service, suitable back-up and recovery systems, connectivity and alternatives in case of line failures or traffic peaks) and, at the same time, extremely safe to ensure the protection and confidentiality of personal data processed. Mega Italia Media has a Quality System certified according to ISO 9001, and an Information Security Management System SGSI certified according to ISO 27001.

DynDevice LMS is used by major national and multinational companies for the training of their employees, as well as training centers, business consulting companies, universities, trade associations. The sectors in which the eLearning platform DynDevice LMS is used are many: retail, aerospace, shipbuilding, ICT, digital, etc.

DynDevice LMS allows you to

  • create and manage all corporate training (classroom, online and blended)
  • create and deliver online training courses in synchronous mode (videoconferencing) and asynchronous (eLearning)
  • in-depth development of tasks and skills associated with employees
  • create online training courses from webinars and online meetings
  • manage all documentation of corporate training

DynDevice LMS is currently available in Italian and English. However, you can request translation and localization service in other languages.

The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform is customized and activated within 15 working days.

DynDevice LMS is an OEM technology service produced and marketed by Mega Italia Media SpA, a leading Italian company since 1988 in the field of corporate training. Mega Italia Media has a Quality System certified according to ISO 9001 and an Information Security Management System SGSI certified according to ISO 27001. DynDevice LMS is developed by a team of internal technicians and programmers, and constantly updated through a series of periodic releases, to ensure that the platform meets the continuing needs of the market.

Discover the main features of DynDevice LMS in this short video

DynDevice LMS features


We will answer you immediately
DynDevice LMS has a timely and effective technical assistance service via Ticket or Telephone.


State of the art LMS
4 main updates per year and continuous development of the technological platform.


For maximum security
Course takers can access the eLearning platform with login via SSO, SPID or with smart-card (CNS, CEI, etc.).


Information safely stored
With API to fully integrate the eLearning platform into third-party software (management, CRM, etc.)


100% compatible
DynDevice LMS is compatible with W3C standards, uses a SCORM ™ Player and xAPI (Tin Can).


Everything under control
Advanced organization for document management of all training activities.


Full attention to the course
The use of the didactic contents of the courses inhibits the performance of any other activity on the computer.


LMS just for you
The DynDevice LMS eLearning platform is fully customizable in functions and in the graphic template.


Virtual Courses Shop
A vast catalog of eLearning courses for business training is easily available in DynDevice LMS.


Always at hand
DynDevice LMS allows the perfect use of the courses in mobile through its native apps for Android and iOS.

Spread the potential of eLearning in your country