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"Automation" means minimizing or eliminating human interaction in a process and is an advantage conveyed by new technologies that has had an impact in every sector. For example, when you subscribe to an online newsletter, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.

To date, the most common aspects of automation in eLearning are the automatic generation of quizzes, the control of responses, the provision of immediate feedback to the student and the instant display of results, all without the need for human interaction.

Ideas to improve performance with the automation of your eLearning platform

1. Content automation

Thanks to automation, it is possible to distribute content to users more effectively. For example, before starting a course, the trainee can take a quiz to see in which areas they are already prepared. In this way, the system can propose course modules and quizzes according to individual knowledge level, increasing the engagement and motivation of each student. 
Not to mention that, in company training, automation can save the L&D department money, as employees are automatically enrolled in training modules suitable for them.

2. Automation of notifications and feedback

How can I constantly update students on the publication of new courses or test results while saving time on sending information manually? By automating these processes, communication with students becomes immediate, simple and effective. In addition, student satisfaction questionnaires can also be carried out automatically and immediate reports generated.

3. Creating a personalised learning experience

The automation of certain processes in eLearning can make the experience more personalised. If, for example, the student fails a quiz, the system sends an email with additional content and materials on the topics the student failed the test or enrolls the user in an additional course based on the results of the final test. 

4. Customer service and automatic assistance

Creating a rich FAQ page or even a support service using search or chatbot functions can improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and resources and provide immediate answers to questions.

5. Sending reports automatically

It may be useful to create an automatic sending of training reports at different intervals (monthly/weekly), in different formats (pdf/excel) directly to your inbox.

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