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The   DynDevice ECM development team keeps working tirelessly to update our platform with exclusive innovations and enhance the existing features. 2016 will see the introduction of version 1.1.75 which will be released during the Christmas holidays and will bring along some very interesting features.
This is a list of the new features:
Changes to existing modules.
"Calendar" module. Changes to this module involve the "diary" feature:
  • now the diary feature, which the module manages, allows the creation of new elements by dragging the cursor from one hour to another.
"Comments" module. The module has been adapted to work with the latest Facebook APIs.
"E-Commerce" module. The "E-Commerce" module will be enhanced with the following tweaks:
  • when a user edits his/her personal data using the dedicated form or by confirming an order, an e-Mail with all the updated information will now automatically be sentto the E-Commerce administrator;
  • the option to rate a product has been added: one an order has been completed, users will be given the option to vote and comment on a product by following a link; a reminder will also be emailed to the purchasing customer. This feature is only available for orders that have already been paid and processed;
  • when product quantity is changed in the "product details" window, the price will now be modified while keeping the graphic style that was set for that template.
"Newsletter" module. This module now allows the filtering of newsletter recipients through the "multiple selection tree"-type field.
"Share on YSN" module. This module also sees a few changes at system level:
  • the module has been templatized: the template manages both modes (static bar and auto-scroller box) thereby enabling full personalization of the output being displayed on the page, e.g. in terms of the positioning of buttons. Moreover, you can now replace standard buttons with personalized buttons thanks to the new template variables which allow the insertion of a sharing link and a page share counter;
  • you can now disable the auto-scroller box through the module's setting management.
  • the system now checks for the presence of the  "$sURLforShareOnYSN" php variable which, when enabled, will be used by sharing buttons in place of the page's url.
 System changes:
  • when displaying data from DynTables, a new button now appears which enables you to send login details to available users for that table as long as it is valid for login and the "Username", "Password" and "e-Mail" fields are set correctly;
  • the "Facebook Connector" feature has been adapted to the new Facebook APIs;
  • The "FB-Connector" menu has been moved to "Site management" -> "Publication" while "FB user connector" has been moved to "Options" -> "System users".

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